Tinkle Tinkle Little Dog

February 4, 2000: Well, we couldn't have a dog story without a little tinkle reference, eh? And when you think dog tinkle, what comes to mind? Fire hydrants? Your dead granny's genuine antique Persian rug? Your boss' shoe the last time you had her over for dinner? Think "walk." Dog Walk. Bring your dog or borrow a dog and head on down to the Mighty Texas Dog Walk, Sat, Feb. 26, in downtown Austin. The event is both a fundraiser and an attempt to break a Guinness Book of World Records record for the most dogs walked. Last time, the record setters (ha ha, get it?!?) walked a record 2,114, and now they put their best paws forward to top that number, doggy style. The event will raise barks -- errrr, bucks for Texas Hearing & Service Dogs (THSD), the statewide org which provides assistance dogs to hearing impaired and physically disabled folks throughout Tejas. Team (one dog, one human chum, leashed, please) fee is $15 before the event and $20 the dog day afternoon. Entry forms are available from Thundercloud Subs, Run Tex, and Bone Appetite. Or check out the THSD Web site: http://www.servicedogs.org. The organizers are also seeking hearty volunteers for the day of the event. 421-8052.

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