Colorado River Park Action Plan

December 17, 1999:

rendering courtesy of Hargreaves Associates

Using the Town Lake Comprehensive Plan and public surveys as a guide, Hargreaves Associates developed this concept that incorporates a mix of natural areas, recreational pursuits, and cultural activities. Under this plan:

  • Existing Krieg Fields, upper left, would see some landscape improvements and additional parking.

  • The Montopolis ballfields, on the lower end of the map, would get two additional large fields and one small field, bringing the total to seven.

  • This design leaves the riverfront intact and adds a "passive recreation" area for picnicking and noncompetitive sports (note the beach area and canoe launch).

  • A children's play area would be situated near basketball courts on the south end of the park, while new soccer fields on the west end would please soccer moms citywide.

  • Culture enthusiasts would see the addition of a performance/dance pavilion and an amphiteater.

    Keep in mind, though, that this is but one idea of what the park could like, and the finished product will probably look much different.

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