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Rig and Roll
A unique combination of traditional style and over-the-top energy has made Flathead shows a weird melting pot of hipsters, punks, cowboys and frat kids. [11-08-99]

Here Comes McBride
After a decade of backing the greatest artists in jazz, 27-year-old Christian McBride has attained a rare status as a player. [11-01-99]
— Ed Friedland, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Road Ahead
Are Linda Ronstadt's touring days over? [10-25-99]
— Michael McCall, TUCSON WEEKLY

Dead Ahead
Checking in with Tucson punkabilly animals James Dead. [10-11-99]
— Andrew Gardner, TUCSON WEEKLY

Bring On The Major Leagues
Pavement, like Sonic Youth, Sebadoh and Built to Spill, has defined rock and roll for the last 10 years. [10-04-99]
— Brendan Doherty, TUCSON WEEKLY

Dynamic Duo
Those who doubt the ability of a duo to sustain interest over an entire evening need only listen to guitarist Joe Beck and flutist Ali Ryerson to get a lesson in the new math, one plus one equals three! [09-27-99]
— Ed Freidland, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Femme Mystique
The Violent Femmes perform at the Rialto Theatre this week. [09-20-99]
— Stephen Seigel, TUCSON WEEKLY

Gypsy Feat
Ökrös Ensemble has traveled all the way from Budapest to bring Hungarian and Transylvanian gypsy music to the Tucson masses. [09-13-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Curious Cat
Octegenarian guitar legend Dickie Thompson flies in the face of "retirement. [09-13-99]
— Ed Friedland, TUCSON WEEKLY

Probing Pathos
Pathos' musical productions can only be called live-music theatre. [09-07-99]
— Stephen Seigel, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ingenious Arrangement
Guitarist Leo Kottke celebrates his silver anniversary album without saying a word. [08-30-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Melvins, are one of the hardest-working live acts on the planet. [08-23-99]

Shiny Happy Nevershine
The first question people ask the members of Nevershine is usually the same these days: How did these Tucson boys make it onto the playlist? [08-16-99]
— Stephen Seigel, TUCSON WEEKLY

Contemporary Event
Spyro Gyra's laid back funky grooves and Latin-tinged rhythms return on their latest album. [08-09-99]
— Ed Friedland, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ecological Uprising
Salvador Cardenal has written more than 400 songs to date--with many more in progress. [08-02-99]
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY

Didgeridoos and Don'ts
Tucson is the digeridoo capital of the Western Hemisphere. [07-19-99]

Radical Rock and Roll
The Make Up preaches the glory of "Gospel Yeh-Yeh." [07-12-99]
— Brendan Doherty, TUCSON WEEKLY

A Fine Ness
Mike Ness is on the road these days with a new band, playing a couple of Social Distortion songs, but mainly keepin' it real by playing most of his new album, "Cheating At Solitaire." [07-05-99]
— Stephen Seigel, TUCSON WEEKLY

Celtic Maverick
Mary Jane Lamond is determined to keep the past alive, but she isn't a cultural throwback. [06-28-99]

Of Six Strings And Six-Guns
Singer-songwriter Tom Russell takes on his family history—folklore, skeletons and all—in his latest album, "The Man from God Knows Where." [06-21-99]
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Music Features publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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