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Rock Ranch
A look at how Paul and Linda McCartney paid their Tucson property taxes. [05-26-98]
— Chris Limberis, TUCSON WEEKLY

Homo Sapiens Stupidus?
Humans will spend more in one day on this summer's sci-fi blockbuster movies than they'll spend in a decade to keep their home planet safe from killer comets and asteroids. Go figure. [05-11-98]

Wall Street's Latest War
Chiapas activist Cecilia Rodriguez keeps talking about a new way of being -- one that has wholeheartedly rejected the future mapped out for Mexico in the new world order. [04-27-98]
— Tim Vanderpool, TUCSON WEEKLY

Willie Waggin'
Apparently middle Americans don't really care all that much about Slick Willie's alleged weenie wagging. But a big, messy divorce would gladden some hearts. [02-02-98]
— Susan Zakin, TUCSON WEEKLY

Confessions of a Nixon Hack
Moral bankruptcy is moral bankruptcy, no matter who's doing the stroking. Too bad the local media mouths don't call it that way. [02-02-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Happy Daze
Are Washington-based journalists even on the same planet as most Americans? [01-26-98]
— Norman Solomon, TUCSON WEEKLY

Balancing Act
All that worry about America's balance of trade is a bunch of hooey. So there. [01-26-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

One in a Million
How many women does it take to stage a march? And what do they get out of it? [01-12-98]
— Khivka Pratt, TUCSON WEEKLY

Trade Marks
There's a myth that we're moving into a "new" global economy. There always was a global economy. [12-29-97]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Rich Get Richer
A Boston think tank keeps track of how the extremely wealthy got that way. Hint: pick rich parents. [12-15-97]
— Peter Werby, TUCSON WEEKLY

Petrified With Fear!
If you steal petrified wood from northern Arizona, be prepared to pay the otherworldly consequences! [12-15-97]

Global Citizens
Imagine that -- extremely rich people banding together to argue for higher taxes and an economy that's fair to the middle class and poor. Surely we must be dreaming. [11-24-97]
— Donella H. Meadows, TUCSON WEEKLY

Broadcast Time Bomb
Web broadcasting is finally coming of age. [11-24-97]
— Frank Beacham, TUCSON WEEKLY

Sports Culture
If you think modern Americans are major sports nuts, check out the ancient Hohokam. [11-17-97]

Driven To Destruction?
That big rig coming at you on Interstate 19 may be a cross-border angel of death. [10-20-97]
— Tim Vanderpool, TUCSON WEEKLY

Crossing The Line
The U.S. government is busy making life miserable for Native Americans on the Mexican border. [10-13-97]
— Tim Vanderpool, TUCSON WEEKLY

Arrested Development
For your average alleged mutilation murderer, Lemuel Prion is pretty good about keeping in touch. [09-08-97]
— Karen Brandel, TUCSON WEEKLY

On The Playa
In that vast blank space near Willcox, the bizarre is commonplace. [08-11-97]

Case Closed?
The mysterious lightshow over Phoenix appears to have been a routine training exercise. [07-28-97]
— Jim Nintzel and Julian Grajewski, TUCSON WEEKLY

Look Who's Talking
Scientist Con Slobodchikoff says the prairie dog is one mouthy little bugger. [07-21-97]

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