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The Spider And The Fly
Angelika Raubal's entanglement with Adolf Hitler is the repellent, yet insidiously alluring, story Ron Hansen tells. [01-10-00]
— Randall Holdridge, TUCSON WEEKLY

Making Tracks
John Man details the significance of wildlife and wild places in Mongolia. [01-03-00]
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY

Up In Smoke
Is the perception of Native Americans as intuitive, spiritual ecologists an accurate one? [12-28-99]
— Randall Holdridge, TUCSON WEEKLY

Southern Accents
William Gay spins a story of Southern evil in "The Long Home." [12-28-99]
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY

Trouble In Paradise
Dave Barry delivers a scandalously funny look at a few days in the lives of some South Floridans. [12-20-99]

Stealing Beauty
In "Invisible Monsters," Fight Club author Palahniuk proves that the cultural terrorist sensibility which fueled his earlier work is still intact. [12-20-99]

Amazing Disgrace
Disgrace chronicles not only the consequences of one man's fall, but those of the reordering of an entire society. [12-13-99]
— Christine Wald-Hopkins, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ríos Grande
Ríos' writing is quiet, graceful, often luscious, but never sentimental or cloying. [12-07-99]
— Jim Carvalho, TUCSON WEEKLY

Lives In Letters
"Letters of the Century" is a chronology of American history revealed by the actual participants themselves. [11-29-99]

Natural Selection
"Isaac's Storm" is Eric Larson's haunting retelling of America's worst-ever natural disaster, the super-hurricane of 1900 which destroyed most of Galveston, Texas. [11-22-99]

Old Pueblo Passage
Holden Caulfield's spirit lurks everywhere in Naked Pueblo. [11-15-99]
— Randall Holdridge, TUCSON WEEKLY

Mob Rules
This slice of high-level Mafia existence definitely belongs on the shelves of two different libraries--collections on organized crime and those on the Kennedy assassination. [11-15-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Brave New World
Stanley offers a world as richly imagined as any fantasist could offer. [11-08-99]
— Dan Parslow, TUCSON WEEKLY

Creating Identity
In his battle to resolve the seemingly endless disparities of being "Edward," Said never quite makes his point. [11-01-99]

The Wanderer
Niven managed to keep safe in a world of violence and intrigue by nothing more (nor less) than an ironclad sense of honor and sober industry. [10-18-99]
— Randall Holdridge, TUCSON WEEKLY

Madman, P.I.
Lethem creates a conventionally satisfying thriller while simultaneously transcending the well-worn genre. [10-11-99]

Books' Cover
Robin and Kathryn Smiley give starved bibliophiles something to savor. [09-20-99]
— Jim Carvalho, TUCSON WEEKLY

Crime With Passion
"Gods Go Begging" is a work so ambitious thematically and stylistically, and so timely in its interests, that it surely deserves a broad readership. [09-13-99]
— Randall Holdridge, TUCSON WEEKLY

Tracing The Mexican-American Past
Manuel G. Gonzales reveals what's in a label and more in "Mexicanos: A History of Mexicans in the United States." [09-07-99]
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY

Plundered Province
The concept of Western American literature may be misleading. [09-07-99]
— Gregory McNamee, TUCSON WEEKLY

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