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Who Is the Man?
Isaac Hayes talks about Scientology, Stax, and a town called South Park. [03-09-98]

The Sticking Point
Giving syringes to drug addicts saves lives, but the issue has politicians on pins and needles. [02-02-98]
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER

A Klan Victory
The crowd swelled in downtown Memphis. The police panicked. People fled. The Klan burned a cross to celebrate. [01-26-98]
— Phil Campbell, MEMPHIS FLYER

Where There's Smoke
Dave Chappeell and Jim Breuer team up to talk about their new feature file "Half Baked." [01-20-98]
— Susan Ellis, MEMPHIS FLYER

Rounding a Bend
It dodged a strike. It got a massive bailout. It lost its president and board. Now Amtrak looks to the future. [01-20-98]
— Paul Gerald, MEMPHIS FLYER

We Do Bankruptcy Right
How it's done in Memphis, the bankruptcy capital of the nation. [12-22-97]
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER

Paint Him Black
Johnny Cash's new autobiography portrays him as the last hero of a dying South. [12-22-97]
— Chris Herrington, MEMPHIS FLYER

Alien Nation
Do they walk among us, or do we just wish they did? [11-10-97]

Teacher Burnout
They're young, smart, and out to change the world. So why are new teachers dropping out of school. [10-27-97]
— Tanuja Surpuriya and Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER

Families Without Borders
The stories of three Memphis couples who crossed cultures and continents to adopt their children. [10-06-97]
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER

It's extreme. It's illegal. But street luge can be poetry in motion. Fast motion. [09-29-97]
— Phil Campbell, MEMPHIS FLYER

Model Moms
Memphis fashion models talk aobut the role their mothers play in their careers. [09-08-97]
— Elizabeth Lemond, MEMPHIS FLYER

TV's Wild Man
Jim Fowler talks about his life as one of the world's best-known naturalists. [09-02-97]
— Debbie Gilbert, MEMPHIS FLYER

Hucksters, Pilgrims, and Scholars
The events of Elvis Week '97 prove that the King is very much in the building. [09-02-97]
— Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER

Nike Psyche
Nike has made its employees feel like their work has more in common with Mother Teresa than Henry Ford. Josh Feit explains how they did it, while Tanuja Surpuriya looks at Nike's growth in Memphis. [08-25-97]
— Josh Feit and Tanuja Surpuriya, MEMPHIS FLYER

Easy Money in Hard Times
Memphis has the highest bankruptcy rate in the nation, and many lenders are cashing in on the business of poverty. [08-18-97]
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER

Where Were You?
Memphians remember where they were when they found out the King had died. [08-11-97]

The Hits Keep On Coming
RCA raids the tomb of the King once again with "Platinum: A Life In Music." [08-11-97]
— James Busbee, MEMPHIS FLYER

Rock-A-Hula Baby
Tribute Week concerts have the good taste to emulate, the King, not imitate. [08-11-97]
— Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER

Pub. Crawl
Elvis fans may be hurting on this 20th anniversary, but publishers aren't. [08-11-97]
— Leonard Gill, MEMPHIS FLYER

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