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Hey Mr. DJ
Disco is not only back, it's inescapable--as is anything to do with '70s nostalgia. But what was the scene really like? Ask somebody who was there. [10-05-98]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Rocket to Success
West Virginia native Homer Hickam grew up in a coal mining town with few ambitions--until Sputnik opened up the world of outer space. The NASA engineer-turned-author talks about the genesis of Rocket Boys. [09-21-98]
— Tracy Jones, METRO PULSE

Low Rollers
Ah, the allure of a spinning roulette wheel, the gritty charm of a rowdy craps table, the upper-crust elan of the baccarat room...none of this is to be found at Harrah's Cherokee Casino in Cherokee, N.C. [08-24-98]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Ramen Memories
Going to college? Then you will eat them. There is no choice in the matter. Ramen noodles are an integral part of higher education for all bereft students wanting a cheap meal. [08-17-98]
— Adrienne Martini, METRO PULSE

Beanie Boom
People fight over them at fast food restaurants. Counterfeiters try to duplicate them. Black marketers import them back into the country from overseas. Will the Beanie Baby madness ever end? [08-10-98]
— Paul Lewis, METRO PULSE

Bible Thumpers
With major label record contracts and chart-topping releases, Knoxville, Tennessee's most successful music scene is also its least-known--Christian rockers. [08-03-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Unblocking the Block
Whatever happened to that novel you were supposed to write? What about that sculpture? Yes, being creative can be a pain in the ass. Tracy Jones tries to release those creative juices with "artist's dates." [07-20-98]
— Tracy Jones, METRO PULSE

Revisiting Planet Claire
After a long hiatus, The B-52s have reunited and are back on the road. Can a pop culture icon still shake its cosmic thing? [07-13-98]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Putting Around
We find out how much miniature golf a human being can experience--and live. [06-29-98]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

Bikini Girls With Machine Guns
Coury Turczyn attends this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta to see what all the buzz is about. [06-15-98]
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

The Gross-Out Prophet
You probably haven't seen Joe Christ's films at the local multiplex, and there's a reason: they're scuzzy, cheap, and sick -- and really interesting, which has made Mr. Christ an underground institution. [05-26-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Take a Hike
Best-selling travel writer Bill Bryson talks about his witty, often irreverent, "A Walk in the Woods" -- which has some critical words for the Smoky Mountains' Park Service. [05-18-98]
— Tracy Jones, METRO PULSE

Hurts So Good
The Knoxville club scene strips off that mild-mannered demeanor to reveal the dominatrix beneath. [04-27-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Rebel Knell
In his book "Confederates in the Attic," journalist Tony Horwitz debunks many myths that have been born in recent years about the Civil War. [04-20-98]
— Tracy Jones, METRO PULSE

Oscar Face-Off
Heck, who doesn't love to read a dialogue between two know-it-all movie critics over who'll win some lofty prize that everybody'll forget the next day? [03-23-98]
— Zak Weisfeld and Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE

They've Got the Beat
Even if you haven't seen them, you've probably heard them--no, not heard of them, but actually heard them--the cast of Stomp. [03-16-98]
— Jesse Fox Mayshark, METRO PULSE

Board Games
As you drive by those dimly-lit bars tucked beside the road, unusual things are occuring inside--namely, darts tournaments. Mike Gibson reports on why people like to fling sharp metal objects at bristle boards. [03-09-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Shaking Down the 20th Century
Heather Joyner provides some history and commentary on the works being displayed in the Masterworks of American Art from the Munson-Williams-Proctor Institute of Utica, New York. [03-02-98]
— Heather Joyner, METRO PULSE

True Calling
Jan Karon, author of the best-selling Mitford novels, describes her unlikely path to literary success. [02-16-98]
— Tracy Jones, METRO PULSE

Put down that joystick and imbibe in some real Industrial Age leisure time: Bowling. [02-09-98]
— Zak Weisfeld, METRO PULSE

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Gamut publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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