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Elite Issues
Big-Time Journalists Have Their Own Interests. [07-20-98]
— Norman Solomon, GAMBIT WEEKLY

A Fine Mess
Louisiana's toxic emissions continue to rise, but penalties for pollution are falling. The state says that's a good thing. [07-20-98]
— Christi Daugherty, GAMBIT WEEKLY

In The Blood
Hugely popular novelist -- and Garden District resident -- Anne Rice talks about the city that inspires her. [07-13-98]

Point of No Return
A unique program gives ex-cons the tools they need to stay out of prison. [06-22-98]
— Allen Johnson, Jr., GAMBIT WEEKLY

Mega Movie Man
Sometime-New Orleanian Harry Shearer appears in two of the season's biggest "event flicks." [06-01-98]
— Rich Collins, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Cold Comfort
When temperatures hover around 100 degrees, local movie theaters offer a welcome respite from the sun. To help you plan your getaway, GambitWeekly film critic Rick Barton previews the summer fare. [06-01-98]
— Rick Barton, GAMBIT WEEKLY

In the Drink
A guide to New Orleans' coolest watering holes. [03-09-98]
— Rich Collins, Suzanne Presto, Jamie Kopf, and Lacey Woods, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Sacred Sisters
New Orleans and Haiti have a shared history of voodoo that continues to this day. [02-09-98]
— D. Eric Bookhardt, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Setting Sail (Part 1 of 2) - Debbie Allen brings "Amistad" to the screen -- with help from Tulane University and the world's most famous director. [12-08-97]
— Dion M. Harris, GAMBIT WEEKLY

The Psychic Solution
10 years ago, a local family used a psychic to apprehend a trio of killers. [11-24-97]
— Dalt Wonk. Photos by Cheryl Gerber, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Trombone Chic
A Descendant of the Slightly Dorky "Sackbut" Is Bleating Its Way Into the Hearts of Music Lovers Everywhere. [11-10-97]
— Kevin Forest Moreau, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Master of His Game
Music Biz Experts Are Watching in Wonder as New Orleanian Percy "Master P" Miller Rules His Rap Empire. [11-10-97]

Cats in Class
UNO's Jazz Studies Program Puts Aspiring Players Through Their Musical Paces. [11-10-97]

Drinking 101
Unenforceable drinking laws drive underage drinking off-campus -- and underground. [09-29-97]
— Allen Johnson Jr., GAMBIT WEEKLY

Rising Star
William Faulkner, born 100 years ago this month, came to New Orleans as an aspiring poet and left as a brilliant young novelist. [09-22-97]
— W. Kenneth Holditch, GAMBIT WEEKLY

The Great Bandwidth Race. Part 5 of "The Online Issue." [09-15-97]
— Frank Beacham, GAMBIT WEEKLY

The Multiplexed
Ever wonder how personal computers reshape personalities? I pondered that while downloading a shareware version of the web browser Opera. Part 1 of "The Online Issue." [09-15-97]
— Joab Jackson, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Plugged In and Turned On
Online gadgets and more. Part 4 of "The Online Issue." [09-15-97]
— Kandace Power Graves, GAMBIT WEEKLY

Creating an Effective Web Site
Part 2 of "The Online Issue." [09-15-97]

`Best of New Orleans' Lives Up to Its Name
Part 3 of "The Online Issue." [09-15-97]
— Andre E. Maillho, GAMBIT WEEKLY

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