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License to Illbient
Chris Hoover converses with the man known as DJ Spooky, bellwether of the electronica/trip-hip-hop scene known as "illbient." [11-16-98]
— Chris Hoover, FW WEEKLY

Rising Sun
Despite the death of popular artist Hide, Japanese pop music (J-Pop) bands have staged a nipponese all media assault. [11-02-98]
— Dave Gibson, FW WEEKLY

Swear Words
The Promise Ring is an uncommon mix of great songs, hard work, pure honesty and no rock star attitude. [10-26-98]
— M. Richard Hughes, FW WEEKLY

Mod Squad
Dallas band Go Metric USA brings us back to the days when pop was art with its shameless yet infectious hooks and melodies. [10-26-98]
— Micheal Powell, FW WEEKLY

Kreamed Korn
Brian Blair discovers that mega- popular- with- the- kids average white band Korn just isn't all that. [10-19-98]
— Brian Blair, FW WEEKLY

Grapes of Wrath
One of the few WWII-era bands still recording and touring today, the Blind Boys of Alabama discuss parting with House of Blues records, the Highway 61 tour, and the future. [10-19-98]
— Randy Matin, FW WEEKLY

Countryfied twin sister duo, the Kinleys, puts the spin on their fascinations with the Everly Brothers, harmony, and Olivia Newton-John. [10-05-98]
— Randy Matin, FW WEEKLY

Critical Condition
Harvey Danger makes the transition from critics to performers. [10-05-98]
— Micheal Powell, FW WEEKLY

Bigger Earthquakes
Tori Amos discusses music, God, personal tragedy and how it all relates to her new CD. [10-05-98]
— Alan Sculley, FW WEEKLY

Show Time
Songstress Mary Cutrufello discusses her country influences and why she left them behind, favoring instead her rock roots on her new CD. [08-31-98]
— Paula Felps, FW WEEKLY

Oscillate Loudly
Denton, TX based indie rockers Stumptone presents a aural collage that's comprised of noise, space, and the random cackling of a short wave radio. [08-31-98]
— Lisa Garrett, FW WEEKLY

Border Disorder
El Paso blues legend Long John Hunter will likely never see massive financial success, but his influence can still be heard. [08-31-98]
— Randy Matin, FW WEEKLY

Sound Escape
Dallas slowcore popsters Transona Five may not be the band you think they are, and on their new CD they prove it. [08-17-98]
— Shannon Sutlief, FW WEEKLY

Master Blaster
Buddy Guy, one of the most influential guitarists in rock and blues, discusses his past and the future. [08-10-98]
— Brian Blair, FW WEEKLY

Big Boobs
Dallas band Stink!#Bug tosses it all in a blender; the results aren't quite palatable, though. [08-10-98]
— Brian Blair, FW WEEKLY

Brooklyn post-punk act Les Savy Fav, once described as "Somewhere between Fugazi and Devo," lives up to their beastly artistic origins. [08-03-98]
— Lisa Garrett, FW WEEKLY

Chick Rock II
Mega-popular Canadian songstress Sarah McLachlan once again heads the successful yet imminently unexciting Lilith Fair. [08-03-98]
— Randy Matin, FW WEEKLY

Necessity and Futility
Dallas band Fury III is a tasty combination of the Velvet Underground, '60s garage mod, and host of literary and pop cultura influences. [07-27-98]
— Lisa Garrett, FW WEEKLY

Apocalypse Inc.
Experimental britpopsters Brian Jonestown Massacre survive despite wild antics, hoopla, and the constant maelstrom surrounding singer Anton Newcombe. [07-27-98]
— Micheal Powell, FW WEEKLY

Love Drugs
Chris(tine) Hoover lists and categorizes 10 offerings for swingin' bachelors looking for just the right sounds of seduction. [07-20-98]
— Chris Hoover, FW WEEKLY

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