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Full Exposure
Ian Gittler uncovers secrets of the porn industry in "Pornstar." [11-15-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Writer's Block
It's hands-off J.K. Rowling at a "Harry Potter" book signing. [11-01-99]

Soft Cell
Tap into "I Listen: A Document of Digital Voyeurism." [10-18-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

See No Evil
Chuck Palahniuk follows up "Fight Club" with "Invisible Monsters," an off-the-wall transsexual tale. [10-04-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Turow's Truths
In "Personal Injuries," novelist Scott Turow draws on his prosecutorial past to take readers through an investigation of judges on the take. [09-27-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Finding shocks of recognition in Lisa Roney's memoir, "Sweet Invisible Body: Reflections on a Life with Diabetes." [09-20-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Remember Memoir
Whatever happened to memoir? [09-07-99]

Myth America
Put 200-plus modern myths at your fingertips with "Too Good To Be True: The Colossal Book of Urban Legends." [08-23-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Love In The Afternoon
Learning the ropes at the Romance Writers of America convention. [08-09-99]
— Tony Peregrin, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Much Stranger Than Fiction
Lori B. Andrews tackles DNA dilemmas in "The Clone Age: Adventures in the New World of Reproductive Technology." [07-26-99]

Maxx Barry concocts a hilarious satire of the soft-drink industry in "Syrup." [07-12-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Bank On It
Hunt down a copy of Melissa Bank's "The Girls' Guide to Hunting and Fishing." [07-05-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Cannibal Sins
Readers may eat it up, but "Hannibal" is a half-baked crock of continuity errors. [06-21-99]
— Elaine Richardson, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Marking Twain
Meet the man who became Mark Twain in "Dangerous Water." [06-14-99]

Coming Of Rage
Joe Meno's debut novel, "Tender as Hellfire," shows the sad evolution of two neglected boys. [04-26-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Serial Miller
Novelist Sue Miller again tackles the scary side of domesticity in "While I Was Gone" [04-05-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Sexy Remarks
Editor Susie Bright's "Best American Erotica 1999" anthology runs the sexual gamut from ghost lovers that look like George Costanza to vaginas that swallow Idaho spuds. [03-15-99]
— Margaret Wappler, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Backward Masking
Chuck Palahniuk tells the story of a dealth-cult member in reverse with his experimental novel, "Survivor." [03-08-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Home Run
In "This Place You Return to Is Home," short-story writer Kirsty Gunn brings rural New Zealand to life. [03-01-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

Mocking Mockingbird?
Pat Cunningham Devoto's "My Last Days as Roy Rogers" flies past its "To Kill a Mockingbird" trappings. [02-23-99]
— Shelly Ridenour, NEWCITY CHICAGO

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Scans publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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