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Mail-Dominated Society
"The Postman" is an amiable enough ramble through Hollywood's post-apocalyptic prop room. [01-05-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Slash Deeper, Please
Why slasher movies have a lot in common with porno flicks, among other thoughts on Wes Craven's "Scream 2." [12-22-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Small-Town Shuffle
Although the spicy ingredients never quite jell, watching "Love Serenade" is still a satisfying experience. [12-15-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Resurrection Anxiety
Replication is certainly cause for fear in the latest "Alien." [12-08-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Southern Discomfort
At two-and-a-half lazy hours, Clint Eastwood's latest directorial effort is quite the snooze. [12-01-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

An Affair To Forget
In Mike Figgis's latest film, "One Night Stand," love is a pernicious, toxic little pill, a strange compound of lush romanticism and world-weary pragmatism that's difficult to swallow. [11-24-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Totalitarian Recall
American Filmmaker Michael Benson gives us a peek at political fashion gone horribly awry. [11-17-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Skin Deeper
Until recently, the seventies were a widely hated era, and with wit and humor "Boogie Nights" reminds us why. [11-10-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Sex Talk
Naomi Wolf is one of the few feminist writers willing to tackle the difficult subject of heterosexual lust. [11-10-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Lifeless Romance
"A Life Less Ordinary," by director Danny Boyle and writer John Hodge takes the dark side of human nature and tries to twist it into a light tale of young love. The results: Mostly weird and embarrassing. [11-03-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Bad Medicine
David Duchovny stars in "Playing God," a laughably bad thriller from former technician-turned-director Andy Wilson. [10-27-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

So-Long, Dalai
Hey, feel like serving time? Then check out Seven Years In Tibet. [10-20-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

California Schemin'
Denis Johnson's fifth novel, Already Dead: A California Gothic, establishes him as the high priest of literary losers-sorry self-haters who drift through life wishing to be anywhere but here. [10-13-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

A Kodiak Moment
Here's a male-bonding story with a big scary bear and lots of thrills and chills. [10-06-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Domestic Epic
Here's one of those movies that can really kill your buzz. [09-29-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Pointless Playtime
The Game tries to answer that age-old question, What do you get the man who has everything? The answer: Something other than this silly flick. [09-22-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Full-Frontal Comedy
Full Monty follows some ordinary, out-of-work guys trying to make big bucks in the world of nude dancing. [09-15-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Second-Hand To None
Al Hoff has come up with a sprightly guide to thrift-store delights. [09-08-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Character Studies
Here's a "chick flick" just about everybody will love. [09-08-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Past Perfect
Lydia Davis' New Collection Places Her Among The Finest Storytellers On The American Scene. [08-25-97]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Stacey Richter publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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