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Last Night Stand
Unfortunately, "Armageddon" isn't about the end of the world, it's about saving the world, which is pretty much what every other sci-fi disaster flick is about. Thank goodness for all those explosions. [07-13-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Coming Soon
Rating this summer's many trailers. [06-22-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Carrey'd Away
"The Truman Show" exploits and subverts so many Hollywood conventions that it seems to be one of those rare movies that manages to be both thought-provoking and entertaining. [06-15-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

"Almost" Isn't Good Enough
"Almost Heroes" is extraordinarily bad. It's clear that some sort of catastrophe marred the production of this film. [06-08-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Recreational Habit
What we have here is a sort of love poem to getting wasted. [06-01-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Fugitive Plot
"The Spanish Prisoner," the latest film written and directed by David Mamet, puts his idiosyncratic style to good use. [05-11-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Bungle in the Jungle
Director John Sayles' "Men With Guns" is still a powerful movie, despite its lack of powerful images. [04-27-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Our Purple Friend
Talk about your cinematic excitement -- check out the audience for Barney's first major motion picture. [04-13-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Criminal Cuties
With "The Newton Boys," Richard Linklater has finally abandoned the niche he's carved out for himself as the director of hip little movies about alienated white kids. [04-06-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

No Whitewash
"Primary Colors" captures the sleaze and shades of gray in American politics. [03-30-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Staged Coup
The version of "The Man in the Iron Mask" currently in theaters is simply abysmal. [03-23-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

L.A. Pandemic
In "The Big Lebowski," the fabulous Coen brothers take on all things Los Angeles. [03-09-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Hop 'N' Go
Riding the rails during the Great Depression was dangerous; the trains themselves, the railroad detectives, and other vagrants were all potential threats. But that didn't stop these kids. [03-02-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Watership Clowns
The imagery is obvious, and the psychology is beyond pop, but "Sphere" is so earnest and goofy that it has a kind of camp appeal. [02-23-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Catching 22
"Zero Effect" is a gentle parody of noir detective movies and their devices. It floats on the basis of its dialogue, which is goofy rather than witty, and on the performances of its principal actors. [02-16-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Spinster Doofus
It's true what her critics have been saying: "Babe" feminist Katie Roiphe, a Princeton-educated writer, is an idiot. [02-09-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Spice Island
Eerie smilarities exist between the Spice Girls' new movie and the old "Gilligan's Island" TV show. [02-02-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

CinemaScope Rebel
Director Jean-Luc Godard's "Contempt" is a wonderful, if slightly dated, piece of filmmaking. [01-26-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Show Quality
Director Barry Levinson can't decide if his audience is smart enough to get good, strong political satire. So he waters down his latest film, "Wag the Dog." [01-20-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

Magic Geriatrics
According to a recent spate of Hollywood romances, women in their thirties fall for men in their sixties - yeah, old enough to be their fathers - with the casual regularity of scheduling a haircut. [01-12-98]
— Stacey Richter, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Stacey Richter publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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