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Awry Sense Of Humor
Barbara Manning and the Giant Pantsworms? Just what the hell is going on? [07-31-00]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Urban Watershed
A wash full of homeless people and a quagmire of local politics raise vital questions about Tucson's future. [03-28-00]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Taste Of Sweetwater
Emerging from personal pain and professional melodrama, singer-songwriter Alana Sweetwater has become a more mature, confident and polished performer. [03-13-00]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Bush S.W.A.K.
"George Bush, Dark Prince of Love" is disturbing, sordid, and laugh-out-loud hilarious. [02-28-00]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

All The Rage In Cajun
The swamp couldn't be cooler than Balfa Toujours. [02-07-00]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Right To Remain Silent
Reading this review may irreversibly limit your ability to enjoy the movie being hailed by lesser critics as one of this year's best. [12-13-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Sweet Susana
Susana Baca's main passion is to set the words of contemporary Latin American poets to music. [11-29-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Flights Of Fancy
Finding new life for old planes. [11-15-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

War Stories
Issues of racism, xenophobia, religion, education, sexism and veteran's rights all make their way into "Claudia's Family." [10-25-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Gypsy Feat
Ökrös Ensemble has traveled all the way from Budapest to bring Hungarian and Transylvanian gypsy music to the Tucson masses. [09-13-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ingenious Arrangement
Guitarist Leo Kottke celebrates his silver anniversary album without saying a word. [08-30-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Paradoxical Paradise
If you want to visit a vortex or swim with dolphins, Dennis Andres is your man. [06-28-99]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Grand Adventure
Photographer Kathleen Jo Ryan and 15 women writers of her choosing have pooled a wealth of words and images in Writing Down the River, A Grand Canyon journey. [08-10-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Checkered Future
We hope the emergence of publisher Checker Comics is a promising portent for talented artists and neglected readers alike. [06-01-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Feminist Theorizing
"Sleeping With Random Beasts," by Karin Goodwin, follows the popular lineage for the feminist tell-all. [05-18-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Wild Wes
An eclectic spin on pop music has earned 32-year-old singer/songwriter John Wesley Harding a growing reputation. [05-11-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Parental Privilege
"Generations of Women In Their Own Words" and "Expectations" are two of three new volumes from San Francisco's Chronicle Books that present a new twist on motherhood. [05-11-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Soul-Feeding Frenzy
Patrick Roddy takes a grisly stab at Sherlock Holmes with "The Parasite." [03-16-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Hollywood Ending
Although he didn't know it at the time, Patrick Roddy's lucky day came five years ago, when he got fired from a local mail-order company. [03-16-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Woman of Words
If you aren't already familiar with Sonia Sanchez, once you've made her acquaintance you'll wonder how she managed to slip through the cracks of literary fame. [03-02-98]
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Mari Wadsworth publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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