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Presidential Poison
Presidential pecadillos are a Tucson painter's prime target. [01-11-99]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Best In The West
The famous western painter Maynard Dixon lived the last six years of his life in Tucson. A new exhibit features some of his last, though still revolutionary, works. [12-07-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Loom With A View
Nevryie Coskuner plays her loom like a harp. [11-30-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Orts Goes Brazilian
Hot African rhythms and Portuguese chants warmed the Orts studio on a blustery day last week. [11-23-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Media Mix
Barbara Kingsolver is a longtime friend of Antigone Books. [11-23-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

African Odyssey
Tucsonan Robert Colescott's paintings have come from the Venice Biennale to the University of Arizona Museum of Art. [11-23-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Return Of The Bat
It's no surprise that when Johann Strauss the Younger turned to operetta, he filled his Fledermaus, a frothy story of liaisons and mistaken identities, with lovely waltzes. [11-16-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Opera Updated
Nowadays "Rent" is a mini-industry. [11-16-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Of Bliss And Blisters
A pair of artists now showing at Dinnerware demonstrate just how different interpretations of home, sweet home can be. [11-16-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Gross Measure
'Tribute' At The Joseph Gross Gallery celebrates 20 Years in Tucson's art history. [10-26-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Balancing Act
Get off your axis and go see TILT. [10-26-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Drawing Inspiration
A new collection by Bailey Doogan is one of the strongest in years. [10-19-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Dance Of Death...And Life
The time was September 1933 and the place was Germany: not a good combination for a proponent of avant-garde dance... [10-12-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Creative Hurricane
Mark Morris, a MacArthur genius, is a master of high and low dance. [10-05-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Encroachment Art
"Encroachment: Nowhere to Hide,&34; makes the important point that pitched development battles are hardly confined to the Sonoran Desert. [09-21-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Pop And Circumstances
Harvard-educated photographer Lauren Greenfield has captured the jaded lives of L.A. teens. [09-14-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Border Disorder
Dennis Oppenheim pioneers what can only be called Brutal Art. [09-14-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Dance Against Destruction
This past summer, Orts Theatre Of Dance director Annie Bunker taught dance to Northern Ireland's disabled, elderly and blind. [09-08-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Sinners And Grinners
When it comes to local social criticism, painter Eriks Rudans goes for the jugular, in the latest Dinnerware Invitational exhibit. [08-31-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

Wish You Were Here...
American attitudes toward Mexico are captured in an exhibit of old postcards, while another exhibit-of photographs-captures images of Nogales, Sonora, as it is today. [08-17-98]
— Margaret Regan, TUCSON WEEKLY

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