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Virtual Reality Bites
There's no reason to get off on the "13th Floor." [06-07-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Mothership Has Landed
So you know there's no plot and the acting's atrocious, but go see it anyway—everyone else has. [06-01-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Family Circus Man
Text analyses of Bill Keane's iconic and pithy strip. [06-01-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Primary School
Reese Witherspoon's Tracy Flick is tireless in her campaign to dominate the student body in Alexander Payne's no-heroes comedy. [05-17-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Old Fool's Gold
Sean Connery is supposedly a raging sex god, and partner Ving Rhames the archetypal master thief, in a rather thinly veiled plot to exploit a special effects budget. [05-10-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Gnarly Noir
With a plot as complicated and dangerous as a Tucson suicide lane at 4:01 p.m., how can you go wrong? [04-26-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Double-Dose Of Evil
"Wicked" And "Cookie's Fortune" Make A Dastardly Cinematic Duo, Each With Hints At Greatness. [04-19-99]
— James Di Giovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Kiss And Tell-Off
"10 Things I Hate About You" takes the Bard's most sexist comedy and turns it into a post-feminist bash. [04-12-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Reeve Review
Keanu Reeves lights up the screen in "The Matrix," his best movie without a bus in it. [04-05-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Special Ed
Ron "Opie" Howard can't make a film about the dumbing down of our national culture without dumbing it down a little himself. [03-29-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Nothing Screams 'Rage' Like A Colon
Romeo of the Gridiron and Juliet with superpowers begin a romance—even though he's from the in-crowd and she's not! [03-22-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Smug War
The basic idea of "200 Cigarettes" was to round up as many hot young stars as possible in the hopes of duping the pseudo-hipster MTV audience into coming to the movie and pretending they liked it. [03-08-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Political Parable
The hidden message in "Jawbreaker:" Kill one for the Gipper! [03-01-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Fat And The Skinny
Eat your hearts out, Siskel and Ebert. Our two guys can trade insults and review "My Favorite Martian," too. [02-23-99]
— James DiGiovanna and Zachary Woodruff, TUCSON WEEKLY

Mel Hell
Hurting, maiming and killing and lots of it—what's not to like about "Payback?" [02-15-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

National Treasure
Latest on the list of films which not only don't suck, but are actually "good," is the kookie "Rushmore." [02-08-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Fossil-Fueled Fine Art
As the universal art form, the ballet is the standard against which all other performing arts must be judged. And you bet your ass that includes monster trucks, dude. [02-08-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Belle Of The Ball
An interview with Rachel Leigh Cook, star of "She's All That." [02-01-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Mysterious Malick
Terence Malick, more like a Hollywood urban legend than an actual person, surfaces with a blast in "Thin Red Line." [01-25-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Hero Zeroes
The contemporary paradigm for the hero is the half-wit, lest we feel that he is inherently superior to us. [01-25-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom James DiGiovanna publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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