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Prize Fight
As an intellectual macho homage to Ingmar Bergman, "Fight Club" can't be beat. [10-25-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Heart Failure
Somewhere in the middle of the movie, realizing that he's used up all the plot alloted him by the plot department for this flick, Pollack gets desperate. [10-18-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Royal Treatment
George Clooney and company pursue a king's ransom. [10-11-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

A Real Beauty
The latest entry into what could be a new canon of filmmaking is the extremely well-made "American Beauty." [10-04-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Top Cop
Lawrence's performance alone makes "Blue Streak" somewhat appealing. [09-27-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Ghost With The Most
"Echoes" surpasses most of its peers in the horror-thriller genre with its precise plotting and exacting visual aesthetic. [09-20-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Eye Of The Beholder
You might experience déjà vu if you see 'Outside Providence.' [09-13-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Lethal Speed, Beep-Beep!
Skeet Ulrich, who somehow manages to package Keanu Reeves brain inside Johnny Depp's body, stars in this thriller about a chemical weapon on the loose. [09-07-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Slipped 'Mickey'
The most disturbing thing about "Mickey Blue Eyes" is the way it mistakes violence and abuse for light comedy. [08-30-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Tale Of Two Cines
It's the best of films (Detroit Rock City), it's the worst of films (Bowfinger). [08-23-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Crown Jewel
There's more to entice in "Thomas Crown" than Rene Russo's over-hyped breasts. [08-16-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Essential Iron
"Iron Giant" is one of the best animated features of the decade, and one of the best movies of the year. [08-09-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Kubrick's Rubes
'Eyes' is every bit as good as Kubrick's previous work. [07-26-99]
— James Digiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Virgin Territory
Two new films explore the morality of sexual awakening. [07-19-99]
— James Digiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Summer Sizzler
While "Summer of Sam" is probably Spike Lee's best film since "Do The Right Thing," its maturity and difference from his earlier work may signify that his best is yet to come. [07-12-99]
— James Digiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Rad Dad
Sandler manages to rattle off quite a few good one-liners, the pleasure of which was only partially diminished by the string of pee, vomit and spit jokes. Shockingly, there were no poop jokes. [07-05-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Mat Rats
Great local pro-wrestling is more than just a battle of words and wits. There are also the costumes. [07-05-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Dishonorable Discharge
"The General's Daughter" crosses the line from well-paced mystery movie to tasteless exploitation film. [06-28-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

Shag's Back
Hint: when you see a vial of liquefied human feces sitting next to a coffee pot, turn your head for about three minutes. [06-21-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

When The Trains Ran On Tea-Time
Usually, a Zeffirelli film is saved from its lack of depth by the precise camerawork and lush art direction, but not this time. [06-14-99]
— James DiGiovanna, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom James DiGiovanna publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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