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Mob Rules
This slice of high-level Mafia existence definitely belongs on the shelves of two different libraries--collections on organized crime and those on the Kennedy assassination. [11-15-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Get Them Doggies Rollin'
"The O'Keefe Empire" is a broad-based Western adventure. [06-07-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Great Arizona Rent-A-Cow Conspiracy
The real reason so many land speculators wanna be cowboys. [05-17-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Lost Cause Found
Hanson shows how two worlds as far apart as the Southwestern desert and a Pacific island can have more in common than geography might suggest. [05-17-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Media Mix
Corpulent cooks 'The Two Fat Ladies' use lard! [04-05-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Dog Days
Writing gloriously about Arizona, Browning produces a first-rate suspense novel. [03-29-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Not-So-Local Yokels
The history of franchising and national chain operations in Tucson reveals a hefty catalog of losers. [03-22-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Pointless Partisanship
The creation of an independent counsel has made it simultaneously easier to impeach for a marginal offense and harder to remove for a major transgression. [03-15-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Wyatt Bother?
There appears to be a never-ending market for Wyatt Earp books, and Allen Barra's effort is the latest, though certainly not the greatest. [02-01-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Mr. Smith' Goes To Washington... And Kicks Newt's Ass!
Meet the man who lopped off Newt Gingrich's head. [02-01-99]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Mecham Principle
Who better to judge the current proceedings against President Slick Willy than the people of Arizona? [10-12-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Wyatt Earp's Last Deputy
Glenn G. Boyer probably knows more about Tombstone lawman Wyatt Earp than anyone living today. [08-31-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

A Whirl With Pearl
Jane Candia Coleman offers a female perspective on the Old West and Arizona history with her slightly fictionalized account of outlaw Pearl Hart. [08-17-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

The Gift of War
If you ever needed a reason to feel proud about being an American, go see "Saving Private Ryan., [08-10-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Media Meltdown
Suddenly the media are asking another big question: Why aren't more people running for office? [07-20-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Wild Prescription
You won't get any snake oil in Karen Tanner's tome on the life of Doc Holliday. [06-22-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Rough-Riding Romantic
A new biography amply illustrates Theodore Roosevelt's uncompromising morality -- something we could use more of in our presidents these days. [04-13-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Confessions of a Nixon Hack
Moral bankruptcy is moral bankruptcy, no matter who's doing the stroking. Too bad the local media mouths don't call it that way. [02-02-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Balancing Act
All that worry about America's balance of trade is a bunch of hooey. So there. [01-26-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

Travelin' Man
Former Tucson Mayor Tom Volgy spends his spare time bringing the joys of liberal democracy to eastern Europe. [01-20-98]
— Emil Franzi, TUCSON WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Emil Franzi publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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