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Courtesy Commandos
You're ground to a halt on the side of the freeway, watching the smoke rise from your engine, and cursing your lack of a cell phone, when... a rescuer appears! What is this official-looking truck stopping to help? [02-14-00]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

No-holds-barred fighting is a genuine sport banned from holding official competitions in several states, but this doesn't stop the curious from training and sparring. [12-13-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Worked Over
Bank "work-out teams" have nothing to do with exercise, but plenty to do with sweat: such teams work over corporate debtors who have defaulted on their sizable loans. [11-29-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Looking Presidential
If you think your only presidential choice from Tennessee is that Gore fellow, you'd be wrong. Meet three more aspiring candidates from Knoxville. [11-08-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Weekend Warriors
Talking in the pits with the people who make up NASCAR's "farm league"--the round-track and drag racing enthusiasts. [10-04-99]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Out There
Tales of alien visitation and abduction have become part of the pop culture "norm," even in Tennessee. Is the truth really out there? [10-05-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Bible Thumpers
With major label record contracts and chart-topping releases, Knoxville, Tennessee's most successful music scene is also its least-known--Christian rockers. [08-03-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Rational Enquirers
Several "big science" projects are underway in the Knoxville, TN area--cutting-edge projects that are expanding our knowledge of the universe in a variety of fields. [07-27-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

The Gross-Out Prophet
You probably haven't seen Joe Christ's films at the local multiplex, and there's a reason: they're scuzzy, cheap, and sick -- and really interesting, which has made Mr. Christ an underground institution. [05-26-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Rocket Ride
They're real live Hollywood people, and they're filming a picture called "The Rocket Boys" in East Tennessee. [04-27-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Hurts So Good
The Knoxville club scene strips off that mild-mannered demeanor to reveal the dominatrix beneath. [04-27-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Board Games
As you drive by those dimly-lit bars tucked beside the road, unusual things are occuring inside--namely, darts tournaments. Mike Gibson reports on why people like to fling sharp metal objects at bristle boards. [03-09-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Reel Success
With its recent billion-dollar merger, Regal Cinemas became part of the largest theater chain in the country. The story of how it got there begins with a guy bagging groceries. [03-02-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Celestial Skinsman
He was the most unusual jazz performer in Knoxville, Tennessee, if not the country: Samarai Celestial. Mike Gibson relates the life of this one-of-a-kind musician. [01-20-98]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

The Straight Dope
Hemp has been touted as the "miracle fiber" of our age, but its relationship to pot makes its cultivation illegal in the U.S. Mike Gibson investigates the relationship between the two plants in this controversy. [11-03-97]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Sleight of Hand
We may not be able to pierce the mysteries of how local magicians in Knoxville, Tennessee conjure their illusions, but Mike Gibson does reveal how they make their living. [11-03-97]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Hog Wild
From biker bars to motorcycle clubs, there's more denim, leather, and chrome on the streets these days than ever. But with yuppies buying Harley-Davidsons, has the outlaw culture lost its edge? [09-22-97]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Rock in a Hard Place
Why is it so tough for entertainment venues to survive in Knoxville, Tennessee? Mike Gibson digs into the taxes, laws, and general adversity that give headaches to local promoters and business owners. [09-08-97]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE

Still Life
Mike Gibson sniffs out local moonshiners in East Tennessee and learns the ins and outs of their trade, as well as the history of 'shine in the state. [07-21-97]
— Mike Gibson, METRO PULSE


From this archive page, you can build your own custom Mike Gibson publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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