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"American History X," a cautionary drama about Neo-Nazis, has all the subtlety of a smack in the head with a cinder block. [11-16-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Deadly Dull
Think of it as "Deathstyles of the Rich and Famous." Death is truly quite lifeless in "Meet Joe Black." [11-16-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Wishing Well
Indie flick "Slam" is as much feel-good fantasy as realistic portrayal. [11-02-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Low-Brow Sci-Fi
Director Paul (Mortal Kombat) Anderson's new feature, Soldier, plays like little more than a video game. [11-02-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Not So Nice
"Pleasantville" is an engaging and well-acted film with more value and depth than its contrived premise may suggest. [10-26-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Movie Man
Michael H. Price, former film critic as well as reference book author, comic book writer, illustrator and recording studio engineer, puts together the first Fort Worth Film Festival. [10-26-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Evil is Contagious
Although it may manipulate the Holocaiset for dramatic means, Apt Pupil is a wonderful study in evil and character. [10-26-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Orson Welles' b-movie classic "Touch of Evil" has now been restored in a posthumous "director's cut." [10-19-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Target Practice
David Dobkin's "Clay Pigeons" is a funny, Coen-esque tale of murder, friendship and deceit. [10-05-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Few and Far Between
Stanley Tucci makes an attempt at an homage to '30s screwball comedy that's only marginally effective. [10-05-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Dark Confessions
Based on tv writer Jerry Stahl's autobiography, "Permanent Midnight" is a candid and realistic view of drug addiction. [10-05-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

A Bit Limp
Rogue director John Waters tempers the content of his latest effort for mainstream appeal, but it's of little consequence. [10-05-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Disco Junk
"54" is an overly sentimental glance at the last days of disco through rose colored glasses. [09-08-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Another unfavorable review of The Avengers. [08-31-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Neil LaBute's Second Effort Proves Bleak and Harsh
Don't hate yourself for laughing at "Your Friends and Neighbors," the new dark comedy from "In the Company of Men" director Neil LaBute. [08-31-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Bloody Good
Blade is an adventurous, surprisingly fun B-movie romp with primo special effects. [08-31-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Vaughn & Phoenix: The Next Great Duo?
Gable & Tracy. Cagney & Pat O'Brien. Martin & Lewis. Are Vince Vaughn & Joaquin Phoenix the next great film duo? [08-17-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

How Time Drags
Reviewing "The Governess". [08-17-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Jamie Lee Gets Revenge
Halloween H20 is a great homage to John Carpenter's original. [08-10-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

Excessive Cage
Nicolas Cage goes a bit too far over the otp in Brian De Palma's latest thriller, Snake Eyes. [08-10-98]
— Joe Leydon, FW WEEKLY

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From this archive page, you can build your own custom Joe Leydon publication by checking the articles listed above that you wish to read and then pressing "give me my paper!" below. (For more details on building your custom publication, please click here.)

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