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By R.U. Steinberg

The cholesterol level of the average American is 205 mg/dL, down from 220 about 30 years ago.

Researchers at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico are hoping that pictures of the Earth's magnetic field taken from a pair of satellites will soon improve weather forecasts and give better warning of electrical storms.

Some experts believe you can tell the sex of a dinosaur from its tail bone.

Any one section of the Euro Tunnel under the English Channel weighs 40 tons. Hitler had plans to build his own "chunnel" during World War II.

The Australian Airline, Qantas, stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services Ltd.

The above is information which Mr. Smarty Pants read in a book, a magazine, or the newspaper; heard on the radio; saw on television; or overheard at a party. Got any facts? E-mail: mrpants@auschron.com

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