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DECEMBER 28, 1999: 

FELICIA'S JOURNEY. Genius filmmaker Atom Egoyan finally misses the mark with this overlong and not entirely interesting story of a young woman searching for her missing boyfriend, and an older man who stalks her. Lots of really creepy scenes, and some incredible performances by Bob Hoskins and Arsinee Khanjian don't save the script from its depressing descent into mediocrity. Still, the cinematography and the fine acting might make this worthwhile for the hardcore cinema buff. -- James DiGiovanna

THE STRAIGHT STORY. David Lynch's new film is almost the exact opposite of his old films: it's a clear, heartwarming story with no hidden meanings or obscure moments. Straight Story tells the story of Alvin Straight, who drives from Iowa to Wisconsin on a John Deere riding mower. Along the way he doles out homey wisdom and sees lots and lots of corn fields. An incredible number of corn fields. Long, slow panning shots show the audience this corn in all its glory as it just grows there, oblivious to human constraints. It's mesmerizingly boring, actually, making Straight Story the only good boring movie I've ever seen. If you want to experience a new and delightful kind of boredom, don't miss this highly corn-centered cinema! -- James DiGiovanna

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