I have tasted the milk of paradise and its name is Yeo's Soya Bean Drink. Yes, the scrumptious taste of soy beans have been merged with the spunky zest of cane sugar for one helluva potable, let me tell you.

Let's get something straight, though: your tongue may wish to say "Soya Beana Drinka," but this is no wimpy little drinka. It's a powerful, manly drink. A drink's drink if ever there was one.

You know you're onto something husky when you open the can and frothy white liquid explodes all over the place. What other non-carbonated beverage can boast such explosive vitality? This Yeo is no yeoman, man. Yeo's just THE MAN, plain and simple.

And the smell? Well, you know the pungent aroma of a freshly cut pumpkin? Multiply that times ten, add cane sugar, chill it in an aluminum can, shake it uplike there's no tomorrow, and you're on your way to sweet heaven, baby. Next time you get a craving to chug down some high-quality liquid soy, think Yeo!

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