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Scream Team
"Scream 2"'s Kevin Williamson gives a lesson on how to build the better sequel. [2]
Ray Pride

Trolling for Authenticity
Liv Ullmann discusses how and why she directed the Norwegian classic "Kristin Lavransdatter." [3]
Jeffrey Gantz

Full Reviews
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Song of Norway
Sigrid Undset's "Kristin Lavransdatter" may not be the century's quintessential novel, but Liv Ullmann's film adaptation has been seen by more than half the population of Norway. [4]
Jeffrey Gantz

Ship of Shame
"Armistad" proves (once again) that Steven Spielberg knows his way around the nightmare of history. [5]
Peter Keough

Small-Town Shuffle
Although the spicy ingredients never quite jell, watching "Love Serenade" is still a satisfying experience. [6]
Stacey Richter

Movie Guru
The Movie Guru is shocked to find there's nothing to review this week... except movie trailers. [7]
Coury Turczyn

The Turn of the Screw
"Washington Square" does Henry James proud; "Anastasia" has worse problems than Rasputin; a fond remembrance of "All About Eve." [8]
Donna Bowman, Noel Murray, and Jim Ridley

Every Day is Silent and Gray
Two strangers meet one fateful day in Jonathan Nossiter's subtle, unsettling love story. [9]
Angie Drobnic

Marketing "Flubber"
The remake of "Flubber," the 1961 Fred MacMurray movie, is targeted at three-year-olds. [10]
Mary Dickson

Court Lottery
Reviews of "The Rainmaker" and "Kiss or Kill." [11]
Rick Barton

Saving Grace
The Library of Congress's National Film Registry is showcasing the vintage films it's rescued for posterity. [12]
Steve Vineberg

Film Tip of the Week
This week's must-see flick: "Lost Highway." [13]
Ray Pride

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Volume I, Issue 28
December 15 - December 22, 1997

T wo cool interviews this week. One's with Kevin Williamson, the screenwriter whose tongue-in-cheek talents made "Scream" such a success. Seen his "Scream 2" yet? What did you think? Scary, silly, senseless...all of the above?

The other interview is with Liv Ullmann, the eternally pensive veteran of Ingmar Bergman films. Now in her 50s, she's a respected director, with her version of the Norwegian classic "Kristin Lavransdatter" a smashing success. This movie review tells the tale; this interview explains the rest.

From Pop art to high art in two easy steps. If only the rest of the film section could be summarized so neatly. There's a lot of great reading here, but my favorites are the Movie Guru's preview review; the Nashville Scene and the Austin Chronicle's different takes on holiday video shopping; and this examination of the dark, creepy themes within "It's a Wonderful Life."

One final note: Last week I wondered aloud whether "Amistad" would be this year's "Schindler's List." We now have two reviews that ably represent both sides of that particular debate. One's pretty positive, but the other one is so dismissive it begins with the line, "Hey, as it turns out, slavery was bad!" Expect further examples of the reverence/irreverence dichotomy in coming weeks, as "Amistad" earns both Oscar nominations and widespread derision.

I love it when that happens, but what do I know? I'm just ....

Mini Reviews
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Austin Chronicle

  • Home Alone 3
  • Nenette And Boni
  • Slaves To The Underground

Boston Phoenix

  • Home Alone 3
  • Harvey

Chicago NewCityNet

  • Amistad
  • Home Alone 3
  • It's a Wonderful Life

Video + TV
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Wrapped Up in Tape
"Kiss Me Deadly," "The Big Doll House," and "Hard Boiled" are some of the bomb-filled boxes under our tree. [17]
Donna Bowman, Noel Murray, and Jim Ridley

Presents for Your VCR
Great video offerings to give to your couch potato. [18]
Marc Savlov

Videos a Go-Go
Every week, we explore a movie genre for your enhanced rent 'n' view pleasure. This week: Sigourney Weaver flicks. [19]
Jesse Fox Mayshark

Dry Those Tears
Fox's "Party of Five" is a prime-time soap with an unexpected grasp on reality. [20]
Amy Finch

Now What?
What's the matter, couldn't find a review of that blockbuster film you're excited about? We certainly don't want to leave you disappointed -- why not try some of these larger-than-life movie links? [21]

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