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NOVEMBER 29, 1999: 

SLEEPY HOLLOW. An intensely beautiful and rich-looking film, Sleepy Hollow's complete failure to present an interesting story to go with its pretty pictures makes it kind of like staring at a beautiful painting for an hour and a half. So, if you just want to watch smoky, gothic sets, a headless horseman, and the pretty Johnny Depp, you can either go see this movie or just stare at the poster, it's basically the same experience. -- James DiGiovanna

TOY STORY 2. The toys return for another reconn mission in Pixar's sequel to the wildly successful computer-animated original. When an avaricious toy collector swipes Woody, Toy Story's lanky cowboy hero, intrepid spaceman Buzz Lightyear heads up the rescue party. But once the toys arrive, Woody's torn. As a collectible Sheriff Woody doll, from the TV sensation Woody's Round-Up, should he accompany confreres Jesse the cowgirl and Prospector Stinky Pete to immortality in a Japanese toy museum, or return to waning years of love from owner Andy? Disney handles the issues without simpy simplicity, and the film's technical majesty actually aids in the storytelling. (George Lucas, are you listening?) -- Jack Vaughn

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