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Ten things to like about 'Ten Things I Hate About You.'

By Adrienne Martini

NOVEMBER 29, 1999: 

10. Brings Shakespeare back from the grave once again—this time by revamping his Taming of the Shrew in a way that will appeal to the modern teen. If Shakespeare had a lobotomy, wrote for TV, and loved gaping plot holes, this would be the movie he would pen. Consider Ten Things an exercise in alternative history.

9. Joseph Gordon-Levitt gets to do more than play John Lithgow and French Stewart's foil plus he gets the girl at the end. (No secret has been reveled here. Trust me.)

8. Heath Ledger, Australian actor and nominal male hunk lead, has his vapidity nicely covered by the performances of the two grrls in the flick—Julia Stiles and Larisa Oleynik. In fact, these two chicas are so fun, strong, and snappy it makes you wonder why they need such a loser boy in the first place.

7. Daryl "Chill" Mitchell (former rapper and Laroquette co-star) and Allison Janney (currently on West Wing) get to say the words that you'd always wished teachers could say, which include verbal abuse and colorful curses.

6. No plot twists. No surprises. Nothing that could possibly make you think or even, Heaven forbid, want to pick up the original play. It's just like an hour-and-a-half episode of Dawson's Creek. Every teen should be glued to the set, which is exactly what you want while they have time off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Of course, every teen with half a brain will turn it off and go looking for trouble that will probably involve the turkey carcass and creative uses for cranberry sauce.

5. All of these teens have great clothes and great hair—perfect for selling plenty of products that wannabe kids can charge to mom and dad at the mall on shop-till-you-drop Friday.

4. It's director Gil Junger's first feature film, which helps cement why he's known for doing TV shows like Odd Man Out and Blossom.

3. You can see David Krumholtz' inner Woody Allen growing more pronounced with every scene. Soon, he'll be looking for young girls named Soon Yi.

2. Seriously kick-ass soundtrack with cuts from Save Ferris, Letters to Cleo, and Joan Jett.

1. Ten Things has been sanitized for your protection!

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