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NOVEMBER 23, 1998: 

The Complete Trance Syndicate Discography

TR01: Crust, Sacred Heart of Crust (12" EP/CS)

TR02: Love & Napalm, Vol. 1 (7" EP)

TR03: Pain Teens, Born in Blood (LP/CD/CS)

TR04: Drain, A Black Fist (7")

TR05: Crust (LP/CD/CS)

TR06: Crust, "Feelings" (7")

TR07: Ed Hall, "Deth" (7")

TR08: Love & Napalm, Vol. 2 (7" EP)

TR09: Ed Hall, Gloryhole (LP/CD/CS)

TR10: Pain Teens, Stimulation Festival (LP/CD/CS)

TR11: Drain, Pick Up Heaven (LP/CD/CS)

TR12: Cherubs, "Pink Party Dessert" (7")

TR13: Cherubs, Icing (LP/CD/CS)

TR14: Love & Napalm (VHS Video)

TR15: Love & Napalm (LP/CD/CS)

TR16: johnboy, pistolswing (LP/CD/CS)

TR17: Pain Teens, Destroy Me, Lover (LP/CD/CS)

TR18: Cherubs, "Carjack Fairy" (7")

TR19: Crunt (LP/CD/CS)

TR20: Ed Hall, Motherscratcher (LP/CD/CS)

TR21: Bedhead, WhatFunLifeWas (LP/CD/CS)

TR22: Distorted Pony, Instant Winner (LP/CD/CS)

TR23: Crust, Crusty Love (LP/CD/CS)

TR24: Cherubs, Heroin Man (LP/CD/CS)

TR25: Soundtrack, Jordan Thomas Nashville Connection (2CD)

TR26: Cherubs/Fuckemos (split 7")

TR27: johnboy, Claim Dedications (LP/CD/CS)

TR28: Roky Erickson, "We Are Never Talking" (7")

TR29: Bedhead, 4SongEP19:10 (12" EP/CD/CS)

TR30: Butthole Surfers, "Good King Wencenslas" (7" picture disc)

TR31: A.C. Acoustics, Able Treasury (CD)

TR32: Sixteen Deluxe, "Idea" (7")

TR33: Roky Erickson, All That May Do My Rhyme (LP/CD/CS)

TR34: A.C. Acoustics, Hand Passes Plenty (CD)

TR35: Butthole Surfers, The Hole Truth ... and Nothing Butt (CD)

TR36: Ed Hall, La La Land (LP/CD)

TR37: Sixteen Deluxe, Backfeedmagnetbabe (LP/CD)

TR38: Cinco Años (CD)

TR39: Furry Things, "Still California" (7")

TR40: Starfish, Stellar Sonic Solutions (LP/CD)

TR41: Pain Teens, Beast of Dreams (LP/CD)

TR42: Bedhead, The Dark Ages (10" EP/CD)

TR43: Furry Things, The Big Saturday Illusion (LP/CD)

TR44 : Buffo, "Here Our Cry" (7")

TR45: Windsor for the Derby/Desafinado (split 7")

TR46: Windsor for the Derby, Calm Hades Float (LP/CD)

TR47: Drain (UK-only white label 12")

TR48: Cherubs, Short of Popular (CD)

TR49: Drain, Offspeed and in There (CD)

TR50: Bedhead, Beheaded (LP/CD)

TR51: Sweet Pea, Chicks Hate Wes (CD)

TR52: Starfish (7" EP)

TR53: Furry Things, Hedfones (CD)

TR54: Windsor for the Derby, Metropolitan Then Poland (CD)

TR55: Starfish, Frustrated (LP/CD)

TR56: Furry Things, Moments Away (CD)

TR57: Windsor for the Derby/Drain, The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 1 (12")

TR58: Electric Company/Furry Things, The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 2 (12")

TR59: Eight Frozen Modules, Daydream Nightmare (12")

TR60: Labradford/Stars of the Lid, The Kahanek Incident, Vol. 3 (12")

TR61: Starfish, The Instrumental EP (CD)

TR62: Eight Frozen Modules, The Confused Designer (CD)

TR63: Windsor for the Derby, Minnie Greutzfeldt (LP/CD)

TR64: Furry Things, Frequent Lunacy (CD)

TR65: Paul Newman, Frames Per Second (LP/CD)

TR66: ... And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (LP/CD)

TR67: Bedhead, Transaction de Novo (LP/CD)

TR68: Monroe Mustang, Plain Sweeping Themes for the Unprepared (LP/CD)

TR69: Bedhead, Lepidoptera (10")

TR70: Paul Newman, Only Love Can Break Your Heart (LP/CD)

Emperor Jones/Trance Syndicate

EJ01: My Dad Is Dead, For Richer, for Poorer (LP/CD)

EJ02: The Mountain Goats, Nine Black Poppies (CD)

EJ03: The American Analog Set, "Diana Slowburner II" (7")

EJ04: The American Analog Set, The Fun of Watching Fireworks (LP/CD)

EJ05: My Dad Is Dead, Shine(r) (CD)

EJ06: Crown Heights, "Dear Sir" (7")

EJ07: Pork, Slop (LP/CD)

EJ08: Alastair Galbraith, Morse and Gaudylight (CD)

EJ09: Peter Jefferies, Elevator Madness (LP/CD)

EJ10: Home, Home X (10"/CD)

EJ11: The Mountain Goats, Full Force Galesburg (LP/CD)

EJ12: Half Japanese, Heaven Sent (CD)

EJ13: The American Analog Set, "Magnificent Seventies" (7")

EJ14: The American Analog Set, From Our Living Room to Yours (LP/CD)

EJ15: To Rococo Rot, Veiculo (LP/CD)

EJ16: My Dad Is Dead, Everyone Wants the Honey but Not the Sting (LP/CD)

EJ17: Frontier, 4 (CD)

EJ18: Pip Proud and Alastair Galbraith, "Hey Gus" (7")

EJ19: To Rococo Rot, Paris 25 (CD)

EJ20: Peter Jefferies, Substatic (CD)

EJ21: Pip Proud, One of These Days (CD)

EJ22: Alastair Galbraith, Mirrorwork (LP/CD)

EJ23: Trumans Water, Fragments of a Lucky Break (CD)

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