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Volume I, Issue 24
November 17 - November 24, 1997


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Be sure to take a look at this tribute to guitarist Rainer Ptacek, who died recently after a prolonged bout with cancer. Best known for his unique finger-picking country blues style, Rainer was one of the most respected musicians of our time.

Artist Profiles

Like Father . . .
Out of the shadows, Jakob Dylan and the Wallflowers find their own place in the sun. [2]
Mark Jordan

The Mingus Dynasty lives on. [3]
Ron Wynn

Many, Many Leons
The legendary Leon Russell brings his many musical incarnations to the Naked Pueblo. [4]
Brian Perry

Striking a Pose
Country Music's Spice Girls. [5]
Michael McCall

Blues in the Night
As the House of Blues tour hits Knoxville, Jesse Fox Mayshark talks to legendary performers Dr. John and Charlie Musselwhite and hears their tales of the blues. [6]
Jesse Fox Mayshark

"Yes" Man
Jamie Hartford does it right. [7]
Michael McCall

Where Have All the Cowgirls Gone?
Austin's once-strong roster of female country acts have vanished into thin air. [8]
Louisa C. Brinsmade

Super Jazz
Joe Henderson, one of jazz's numerous marginal giants, has gotten to cash in without selling out. [9]
Jon Garelick

Who Do You Voodoo?/Keeping the Faith
Miss these shows and we're callin' your mama! [10]
Devin D. O'Leary/Michael Henningsen

Heavy Western
The Derailers are 100 percent pure country. [11]
Raoul Hernandez

Album Reviews
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Metal Memories
New CDs prove that if Metallica are an industry, it's driven by a human heart. [13]
Ted Drozdowski

Music Tip of the Week
Of all the shows in Chicago this week, here's one you shouldn't miss: KMFDM. [14]
Dave Chamberlain

Reverb Deluxe
A review of The Derailers' latest album, "Reverb Deluxe." [15]
reviewed by Christopher Gray

Artist Profiles
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Live Shots
Performance reviews of Fleetwood Mac, the Rolling Stones, the Artist, and more. [12]

I   tell ya, music is all about families. If you're not playing music with your family, you're singing in a band about your dysfunctional family. Oftentimes that very band that becomes your de facto family -- which, in turn, can become equally dysfunctional. Crazy. All of this has nothing to do with "The Partridge Family," which is unfortunate, because they rock. But my point is this: family and music are inextricably linked. They go together like ham and cheese.

Which is why I was so interested to read about Jakob Dylan, who -- shhhh, don't tell anybody! -- is Bob Dylan's son. Jakob has refused to discuss the influence of his father in any interviews, preferring to focus on his band, The Wallflowers, and hope they get recognized on their own merit. They've done just that, earning top-40 spots and multi-platinum status for their album "Bringing Down the House." Go Jakob, leave Bob behind! Like a rolling stone!

You want to hear something sweet? Eighteen years after his death, Charles Mingus's widow, Sue Mingus, is keeping the memory alive. She's the primary force behind the Mingus Big Band, a touring ensemble of top-notch jazz musicians who perform Mingus's compositions around the world. Now that's what I call family devotion.

I don't know if Leon Russell has much of a family, but he's developed a hell of an extended one. The well-traveled musician counts Frank Sinatra, Herb Alpert, the Rolling Stones, Ike & Tina Turner, the Byrds, Jerry Lee Lewis, Joe Cocker, Phil Spector, Willie Nelson, and the aforementioned Bob Dylan among his "brothers" in music-making. I'll bet he spends a lot of money buying Christmas gifts.

Speaking of family, Shania Twain and Mindy McReady aren't the long-lost cousins of the Spice Girls, but they very well could be. These country singers have taken the "bubbly personalities and sexy videos" approach to musical stardom. What would mother say? And speaking of mothers, this article discovers that the dearth of good female country singers is partially because so many of them have babies. Personally, I think these women should have their children and go on tour as a family band. It worked for the Partridge Family, did it not?!

Mini Reviews
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Boston Phoenix CD Reviews

  • Bardo Pond
  • Congo Norvell
  • Club 69
  • Fu Manchu
  • Robbie Fulks
  • Guitar Wolf
  • Soundgarden
  • Sweet Honey in the Rock
  • Toni Lynn Washington
  • Earle Brown, John Cage, Morton Feldman, and Christian Wolff

Turn Up That Noise!

  • The David C. Travelin' Medicine Show
  • Space Ghost, Zorak, and Brak

A Nice Place to Visit

  • The High Llamas
  • Sitter
  • Paul Weller
  • Yatsura

Tiny Tunes

  • Mike Watt
  • Various Artists - What's Up Matador

Rhythm & Views

  • Mainliner
  • Vinicius Cantuaria
  • Doktor Kosmos

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