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Fast, Cheap & Out of Control
An interview with filmmaking genius Errol Morris about his latest work. [2]
Jason Silverman

Kid in Play
Who is Harmony Korine and why has "Gummo" pissed off so many people? [3]
Ray Pride

Kirby Dick's Sick Days
An interview with "Sick" director Kirby Dick. [4]

All in the Family
The director of "House of Yes" chats about filmmaking and other blackly comic subjects. [5]
Devin D. O'Leary

Flight Plan
An interview with "The Wings of a Dove" star Helena Bonham Carter. [6]
Jeffrey Gantz

Kustom Film Kommando
An interview with avant-garde film king Kenneth Anger. [7]
Claiborne K.H. Smith

Off Camera
A conversation with Iain Softley, director of " The Wings of the Dove," starring Helena Bonham Carter. [8]
Ray Pride

Full Reviews
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Pain Man
"Sick" penetrates the agony and ecstasy of terminally ill artist Bob Flanagan's pact with pain. [9]
Alicia Potter

Dove Tale
Some find Henry James's dialogue in "The Wings of a Dove" hard to follow, but it sure grabs your attention when recited by Helena Bonham Carter in the nude. [10]
Peter Keough

Totalitarian Recall
American Filmmaker Michael Benson gives us a peek at political fashion gone horribly awry. [11]
Stacey Richter

Tarnished Night
Nastassja Kinski and Wesley Snipes progress from reserve and resolve to abandonment and anarchy in Mike Figgis's "One Night Stand." [12]
Peter Keough

Media Frenzy
Dustin Hoffman raises some questions in "Mad City." [13]
Susan Ellis

Bug Juice
"Starship Troopers" is dumber than a maggot, yet more fun than ants in your pants. [14]
Donna Bowman

Movie Guru
Coury Turczyn pulls out the Raid and starts spraying "Starship Troopers." [15]
Coury Turczyn

Kick Ass!
Four explosive HK films take over the University theater this week. [16]
Devin D. O'Leary

Film Tip of the Week
This week's must-see flick: "Fast, Cheap & Out of Control." [17]
Ray Pride

Video + TV
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TV Eye
Cartoons and kids at heart. [23]
Margaret Moser

Media Mix
What are you watching? A beauty pageant, of course. Have you ever seen such a shameless display of self-righteousness (since last year's pageant)? Let me take you on a walk-through of the show. [24]
Melanie Suskind

Videos a Go-Go
Every week, we explore a movie genre for your enhanced rent 'n' view pleasure. This week's genre: high school reunion movies. [25]
Coury Turczyn

The Video Phile
Reviews of "The Babysitter" and "Blue Collar." [26]
Chris Herrington

Reviews of "The X-Files: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose/War of the Coprophages"; "L'Enfer"; and "'70s Party Video" (all video). [27]
Bud Simons, Christopher Null, and Jerry Renshaw

Volume I, Issue 24
November 17 - November 24, 1997

A s this week's film section proves, it's a good time to be an offbeat filmmaker who enjoys exploring strange mental realities. Consider, for example, Errol Morris. The idiosyncratic documentarian, whose films turn seemingly banal interviews into rich studies of truth and meaning, just released "Fast, Cheap &: Out of Control." If you believe this reviewer, it's a fascinating portrait of four men obsessed with their work, but it's also much more. Morris, who is famous for remaining quiet and letting his subjects ramble about whatever they like, works his subjects' anecdotes into a thematic tapestry that ends up telling its own, distinct story about the creative process. Or something like that. Maybe I'm the one who's rambling, but dammit, I can't wait to see the movie. Especially after reading this interview.

Morris is an unusual man, but he looks downright mainstream compared to Harmony Korine. A few weeks ago Korine was a guest on "The Late Show," and it was the weirdest interview I've seen David Letterman do since the time Crispin Glover freaked out and almost kicked Letterman's head. Though obviously intelligent, Korine was in his own little mental world, and Letterman, very amused, kept trying to chip away at it. This interview makes Korine seem slightly more sane, though when you read a description of his new movie "Gummo" (his first directorial effort, and his second screenplay since "Kids"), you will have serious doubts.

There's no doubt about "Sick," though -- it's sick. The documentary observes the S&M lifestyle of an artist, Bob Flanagan, who is dying of cystic fibrosis. That means you get to see images of a nail being driven into his penis and a metal ball being shoved up his patoot. But I've heard (in, for instance, this review) that despite its shock value, the movie actually turns out to be quite touching. Bob's relationship with his girlfriend/dominatrix is shown to be, at its core, very caring, and filmmaker Kirby Dick (interviewed here) turns the picture into an intense study of life, love, and death. I may just see this sick "Sick" thing.

If those aren't enough interviews with off-kilter filmmakers for you, try this chat with avant-garde film king Kenneth Anger. Other interviews explore the mental realities of Helena Bonham Carter (as well as the director of her new film, "The Wings of the Dove"), and "House of Yes" director Mark Waters. Check 'em out!

Behind the Scenes
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Invasion of the Megaplex
How many suburban movie screens are enough? [22]
John Branston

Mini Reviews
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Austin Chronicle

  • Boogie Nights
  • Critical Care
  • Eve's Bayou
  • Fast, Cheap & Out Of Control
  • The Ice Storm
  • The Jackal
  • The Man Who Knew Too Little
  • One Night Stand
  • Red Corner
  • Sunday

Boston Phoenix

  • A Midwife's Tale
  • Bad Girls Go To Hell
  • I Love You, I Love You Not
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Mad City

Chicago NewCityNet

  • Day Of The Jackal
  • The Man Who Knew Too Little
  • One Night Stand

Tucson Weekly

  • Bean
  • Boogie Nights
  • Eve's Bayou
  • La Promesse
  • Mad City
  • Starship Troopers

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