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By Dave Chamberlain

NOVEMBER 17, 1997:  Give credit where it's due, to KMFDM. Eleven years and ten records as unwavering progentors of aggro-dance music built upon a foundation of extreme testosterone, what more could a band on Wax Trax! hope for? The band's tenth release on Wax Trax, bearing a heiroglyphic title, keeps the dance beats thumping in KMFDM tradition, but for this effort the wall-of-guitar buzzsaws have been tamed to a quiet roar. Has KMFDM gone stale? No way. Sure the new record is in no way a departure from past styles, but underneath the synthesized noise construction and mechanically psychedelic compositions, KMFDM still refuses to lose even a joule of energy. Somewhere in every song awaits a suprise, whether its the Megadethological guitar breaks in "Leid Und Elend" or the speaker-shifting sounds on "Mercy." (The latter of which sounds like a Nine Inch Nails parody.) "Torture" goes space-age, opening with the musical interpretation of an atom being quartered, then moving on to the neuron firings of artificial intelligence. There's even a sound tribute to Cabaret Voltaire's "Arm of the Lord" period at the start of "Spit Sperm." Bigtime fans of KMFDM who don't already have the new record will eat it up, and any regular show-goer knows that the band will go above and beyond to be the best live.

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