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T his week in News & Opinion, we take on the big issues of religion's attitude toward gays (is conversion the solution?), general social injustice (one NPR writer's crusade), welfare recipients (taking a random look at their plight), joining the "Nuclear Club" (a scientist thinks Pakistan and India are lying), and most important of all, finding nudie shots on the Internet (revisiting the censorship issue).

Rounding out this section, Nashville Scene's James Hanback takes a look at the iMac and Walter Jowers fondly recalls his childhood yo-yo experience and its resurgence.

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Mac, Back on Track [7]
Want a computer under the tree this year? Apple is hoping you'll look at the iMac.
— James Hanback Jr., NASHVILLE SCENE
Strung Along [8]
The yo-yo rolls back into fashion.
— Walter Jowers, NASHVILLE SCENE
Campaign Comedy [9]
46 Years Ago This Week.
— Sue Schuurman, WEEKLY ALIBI

Teeny Tidbits
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Odds & Ends [10]
Timed-release news capsules from the flipside.
— Devin D. O'Leary, WEEKLY ALIBI
Mr. Smarty Pants [11]
Our resident know-it-all unearths the latest trivia.

Volume II, Issue 20
November 9 - November 16, 1998  
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Truth in Broadcasting [2]
NPR's Scott Simon uses journalism to expose human-rights abuses.
— Debbie Gilbert, MEMPHIS FLYER
Gay, Christian, and Proud of It [3]
Churches gear up for a religious revolution as more gay Christians come out of the closet.
— Jacqueline Marino, MEMPHIS FLYER
Just Like Me [4]
Welfare recipients are just like the rest of us.
Useless Protection [5]
Hey, Dad? Junior may have found something better than those Playboys under your bed.
— James Hanback Jr., NASHVILLE SCENE
Nuke Duds? [6]
According to University of Arizona scientist Terry Wallace, India and Pakistan just barely qualify to join the fraternity of Nations with nukes.

Now What? [12]
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