Seven Days

The long-distance running career of Guadalupe "LeRoy" Gomez crosses the finish line when the 23-year-old Elk Grove Village resident, who gets out of his truck to help accident victims on I-94, finds his right leg amputated after he's slammed between two cars.

Alderman Patrick Huels, hammered by revelations that he failed to remit city head taxes and union pension payments for employees of his security firm and allegations that his rent-a-cop outfit may have improperly benefited from his government ties, resigns his 11th Ward post and slinks back to Bridgeport.

Three Chicago Police detectives yank a pair of 12-year-old boys from classrooms at Lowell Elementary and arrest them in connection with the $100,000 wrecking spree that shut the West Side school down at the start of the week.

While the City Council moves on to new ethics fiascoes, Operation Silver Shovel keeps churning up dirt, this time indicting a former Park District employee for allegedly pocketing thousands of dollars in contractor bribes.

Despite the cold weather, it's business as usual for suspected gangbanger Eddie Taylor Jr. After getting into a fight with 14-year-old Keith Stewart near the 4600 block of North Magnolia, police say, the 17-year-old Taylor kills the boy with several gunshots to the chest and leg.

In one of life's bitter ironies, six people die in a West Side apartment inferno that's exacerbated by a lack of smoke detectors on the very day the fire department plans a big PR push for the alarms.

Mother Nature hurls enough wind at Chicago to shut down Lake Shore Drive, cut electricity for tens of thousands, knock over car-crushing trees and blow the roof clean off a North Side apartment building. WMAQ-TV Channel 5 wins the gust-charting derby, recording a 101-mile-per-hour blast atop the NBC Tower.


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