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Spin, Rolling Stone and Entertainment Weekly all praised Everclear's new record "So Much for the Afterglow" (Capitol) as a real good business move for the longevity of the band, a departure from what made its "Sparkle and Fade" so popular. Whatever. If you didn't know that Everclear had a new record, you might just think the songs off the new album are outtakes or b-sides from "Sparkle." So much for the creative divergence. Fortunately, the new record matches well with "Sparkle" quality-wise, too. It's rampant with the band's signature sound -- heavy, sometimes harsh guitars supporting Art Alexakis' melodic, almost inquisitive vocals. Overall, "So Much..." stays more uptempo than the last two records, with a greater emphasis on the loud aspects of three-minute, hook-heavy pop. If there is anything resembling a creative spark of difference, it's "El Distorto De Melodica," an instrumental, super-fuzzy guitar anthem with a driving beat that sounds nearly (gasp!) industrial in the RevCo vein. But Everclear fans shouldn't worry. Everclear really marks the last of the great (i.e., widely popular with a definable sound) Pacific Northwest bands, and its ride on rock's unpredictable river isn't over yet.

Everclear plays November 2 at the Metro, 3730 North Clark, 773.549.0203. (Dave Chamberlain)

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