Chicago Hype Exchange
Charting the capricious contours of celebrity


1. HILLARY RODHAM Clinton Stick around long enough and you're bound to get some good publicity.

2. DAVE WANNSTEDT Thanks to the bye week and a late finish to the World Series, the battered Bears coach enjoyed fourteen straight days without a loss -- and then he even won one.

3. GENE SCHULTER The 47th Ward Alderman became a pariah among his peers, but his legislation to require fellow pols to work full-time for the city might polish the Council's tarnished image.

4. SAM SKINNER Ex-U.S. Secretary of Transportation known affectionately as "Sam the Hammer" looked like a lock to become head honcho at ComEd.

5. ROBERT H. LAWRENCE JR. Thirty years after the South Side native Air Force major died during a training exercise at the Manned Orbital Laboratory, he was finally officially recognized as the nation's first African-American astronaut.


1. PATRICK HUELS The Mayor's City Council water-carrier sprung a fatal ethics leak and resigned his post as Bridgeport Alderman.

2. RICHARD M. DALE Now starring in a revival of the sitcom "Too Close for Comfort..."

3. ED BURKE The City Council apparently will get its Finance Committee chairmanship back when they pry it from the ethically challenged Burke's cold, dead fingers.

4. LOLETA DIDRICKSON Under pressure from GOP leaders, the Illinois Comptroller dropped her bid for Secretary of State to chase a U.S. Senate nomination -- a seat she twice declined to run for.

5. DENNIS RODMAN McCaskey's paying you to take the spotlight off the Bears, right?


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