Tip of the Week

Tom Frank

Tom Frank walks a fine line these days. Frank made a name for himself among the intellectual crowd by criticizing the commodification of counter-culture (think Q101) in The Baffler, a journal of cultural criticism he co-founded. Now with two books out, "The Conquest of Cool" (University of Chicago) and "Commodify Your Dissent: The Business of Culture in the New Gilded Age" (Norton), Frank's doing a little commodification of himself. After running a scathing dissection of Details by Keith White in 1993 (reprinted in "Commodify Your Dissent"), Frank found himself the subject of a puffy interview in the November issue of that magazine. So has Details co-opted Frank, or vice versa?

Tom Frank discusses "The Conquest of Cool" Nevember 5, at Barnes & Noble, 1701 Sherman Avenue, Evanston, 847.328.0883. (Sam Jemielity)



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