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The third story
A four-CD compilation documents the history of one of the jazz labels that dominated the '50s and early '60s,
Richard C. Walls

The soft and the loud
First it was the Story, then Jonatha Brooke and the Story. Now it's just plain Jonatha Brooke.
Brett Milano

So much to do . . .
Sixty-nine-year-old R&B dynamo Ruth Brown can warm up any audience.
Ted Drozdowski

Scary sounds
How to program the ultimate Halloween party tape.
Christopher Muther

HMS Watt
Mike Watt's new CD is filled with memories of the bassist's days discovering punk with the Minutemen.
Ted Drozdowski

Busy body
With three '97 albums already on the racks, jazz guitarist Joe Morris celebrates the release of two more.
Ed Hazell

X factor
Mouse on Mars's "Autoditacker" is a frightening piece of electronica.
Chris Tweney

Singer/songwriter Scott WalkerŐs "Tilt" has definite cult appeal.
Richard C. Walls

Quantum pop
At 55, BrazilŐs Gilberto Gil releases his 32nd album. Like Dylan, he remains a songwriting voice to be reckoned with.
Banning Eyre

Pop mart
Boston's Syrup USA, Catapult, and Letters to Cleo define a new genre.
Brett Milano

Door jam
Janet Jackson's "The Velvet Rope" is a powerfully convincing soul drama.
Michael Freedberg

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