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Volume III, Issue 19
November 1 - November 8, 1999  

N o matter how beautiful or historic or artistic Amsterdam is, what a lot of people want to hear about when you get back is the hash bars, and the hookers.

When it comes to rampaging transsexuals, shamelessly gouging con artists, or government bureaucrats run amuck, you will find Chuck Shepherd right behind them. As "News of the Weird" celebrates its 10th anniversary, Shepherd discusses his role as chronicler of odd human behavior.

The tale of two Petes: If no one objects when a plea turns a felony into a mere vice, then surely someone who was guilty of mere vice all along ought to have another chance.

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On the High Road In Holland [2]
Yes, it's true: You can smike all the pot you want in Amsterdam.
— Paul Gerald, MEMPHIS FLYER
Man of the Weird [3]
"News of the Weird" will forever be one of newspaperdom's most popular features. But who is this Chuck Shepherd who masterminds the column each week?
— Coury Turczyn, METRO PULSE
The Pete Principle [4]
What's the Pete Principle and what can sports fans learn from it?
Now What? [5]
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