There's something charming about a drink that calls itself "young coconut juice with meat" without a trace of humor.

Thankfully, there were no sausages or pepperonis in my can, though I wouldn't have been surprised.

Instead it was filled with small chunks of coconut that tumbled onto my tongue and forced me to reduce my imbibing velocity severely, lest I choke on "meat."

They're kind of like fruit-juice speed bumps, and don't even think about trying to drink 'em with a straw -- though it would be a challenge.

One thing's for sure, a mouthful of white coco-meat gave me a lovely, toothy smile that my coworkers found quite appealing.

The rest of the drink was pretty good too -- fresh-tasting, satisfying, and devoid of yucky chemicals or carbonation.

Forget Coke -- go Chaokoh!

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