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Austin Chronicle "Hey! It's That Guy From The Real World!"

OCTOBER 27, 1997:  When I pitched my Real World idea to editor Margaret Moser, she casually mentioned that she knew Dominic Griffin, the Irish guy from Real World 2, who just happens to be a music writer and came to SXSW a couple of years ago. Then she asked if I would like to talk to him. Like I was going to say no. "He's kind of shy," she warned me. Apparently, Moser has a different definition of shy than I, because Griffin was personable and willing to answer any question about his experience... although I still don't believe the story about Gywneth Paltrow.

Austin Chronicle: Do you get recognized by fans and how does that make you feel?

Dominic Griffin: Yes, I do get recognized, mainly when I leave town, and I'm always flattered. And a little dumbfounded. I've always said that if I discovered the cure for cancer, in the paper it would start with "that guy from Real World discovered a cure for cancer."

AC: Does it bother you to always be referred to like that and has your Real World experience helped your career?

DG: You know, I really don't take it seriously. I have to live with it but, no, I can't complain about it. Except when people say, "Are you the drunk Irish guy?" But I occasionally use that myself. And has it helped my career? I would say absolutely not. I would hope not. I would hope no one ever hired me because of my ability to live in a house.

AC: Do you think they painted you as the drunk Irish guy?

DG: Of course. Without a doubt. I remember saying to one of the directors, "There's this trend where I am always the drunk guy." And they said, "Well, Dominic, what did you expect? You're Irish and you write." That kind of explained it all. I went, "Oh, I see. I'm fitting your role. Okay."

AC: How are you not that character?

DG: I would say I'm getting too old to be a drunk Irish guy. It takes too much a toll on the body... I know that I've actually got a smart answer for this...

AC: It'll probably come to you the instant I hang up...

DG: Well, I've been in America 11 years, does that make me Irish? I could be a drunk Irish-American?

AC: Like that's so much better.

DG: Actually, I was just doing all of that drunk stuff for the camera.

AC: Right.

DG: It was a little method acting. That's all it was. I was trying to make it entertaining.

AC: That was nice of you.

DG: That's the kind of guy I am.

AC: What was the one thing you wish had been captured or shown that wasn't?

DG: The time when Gywneth Paltrow and I made out. It was actually Gywneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and myself in a weird, wild sex romp. And, for some reason, they chose not to show it.

AC: Gosh, I don't know why.

DG: I don't either.

AC: Do you keep in touch with anyone from the show?

DG: I speak to Aaron probably once a week. He travels a lot and so do I but we try to get together at least once a month.

AC: Is it like a support group?

DG: No, not at all. We probably need one. They gave us a free therapist for a year, but I only made it to four sessions.

-- Adrienne Martini

Griffin is currently living in Los Angeles and producing two radio shows, Rockline and Live from the Pit, both of which can be heard on KLBJ-FM.

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