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OCTOBER 27, 1997:  For more information on foraging for and consuming wild mushrooms, check out the following sites on the Web.

A Short 'Shroom Primer

Just what it says, a no-nonsense introduction to mushrooms. http://www.lclark.edu/~wstone/stuff/primer.html

Mushroom Heaven!

A page that provides lots of the basics of mushroom knowledge, especially those native to the Pacific Northwest, with some valuable links to other mushroom websites. http://www.aa.net/~reo/mushroom.html

Wild Mushrooms: How to Find, Cook, and Eat Them -- and Survive!

From Slovenia, a page which describes "the good, the bad, and the ugly" of the mushroom world, along with photos and recipes. http://www.ijs.si/slo/country/food/gobe/

Mushroomers ONLINE!

An annotated directory of mycophiles (mushroom enthusiasts) with access to the Internet. http://members.aol.com/basidium/mushpepl.html


A page devoted to mycology and mushrooming with arguably the best list of mushroom websites. http://www.mykoweb.com/

The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Mycology

The most comprehensive listing of mycological resources on the Internet, with scores of links of interest to professionals and amateurs. http://www.keil.ukans.edu/~fungi/

The Mushroom Grower's Newsletter Home Page


The Mushroom Council

A commercial guide to mushrooms with retail trade information, a shopper's guide to mushrooms, a recipe index, and more. http://www.mushroomcouncil.com -- R.C.

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