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Volume III, Issue 18
October 25 - November 1, 1999  

W ith its annual live-action cemetery tour, the Historical Society of Oak Park and River Forest's "Tale of the Tombstones" walk is a must for necrophiles, history buffs or anyone who just likes to tramp around with the dead.

Rabbits are smart. They know green food is good. So we've got a brief rundown of the nutritional benefits of green vegetables and cereal grasses.

University of Texas tailgate parties are a scene guaranteed to strike fear into the hearts of the football team's foes, as well as any health departments, substance abuse counselors, and gastroenterologists within viewing range.

Tucson playwright Julieta Gonzalez discusses her play, "Claudia's Family," and its evolution from master's thesis to optioned screenplay.

Now What? [6]
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Walking Dead [2]
Once a year, in the chilly fall days before Halloween, the dead walk in Forest Home Cemetery. Or at least their historically dressed, amazingly chatty alter egos do.
The Power of Green [3]
Green vegetables and cereal grasses provide a variety of health, growth and fertility benefits.
— Gail Davis, WEEKLY ALIBI
Tailgating Teasips [4]
Mick Vann makes a foray into the curious and often elaborate rite of University of Texas fandom known as "tailgating" and discovers some intriguing practices.
War Stories [5]
Issues of racism, xenophobia, religion, education, sexism and veteran's rights all make their way into "Claudia's Family."
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

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