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By Devin D. O'Leary

OCTOBER 20, 1997:  The Alibi you hold in your hands right this very minute gives you the lowdown on all the films for the last quarter of 1997. But what about next year? What can moviegoers look forward to in 1998? Looking into my crystal ball for next year, I see an interesting slate of movies. January will see the release of Spiceworld (although rumors are flying off the set right now that the Spice Girls are such bad actors, that the film may run into some major delays). February will see the release of Blues Brothers 2000 (starring Dan Ackroyd, Jim Belushi and John Goodman), The Replacement Killers (Chow-Yun Fat's first American film), a rerelease of Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon (yahoo!) and Steven King's Apt Pupil (directed by Bryan Singer of The Usual Suspects fame). March brings us Disney's The Mask of Zorro starring Antonio Banderas. April breezes in with Lost in Space which will be entirely canceled out by the simultaneous release of Barney's Great Adventures. May is a blockbuster with Eddie Murphy in Dr. Doolittle (am I wrong, or was the original a big ol' flop to begin with?) and a big green monster in Godzilla. June has Eyes Wide Shut, the newest effort by genius filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, so who cares what else comes out that month. July's fireworks belong to Sean Connery in John Grisham's The Runaway Jury. August boasts Pecker, the first film from John Waters since Serial Mom. The rest of the year gets a little cloudy in my crystal ball until Superman Reborn with Nicolas Cage gets released at Christmas.

--Devin D. O'Leary

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