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By Devin D. O'Leary

OCTOBER 13, 1997:  The Balloon Fiesta isn't the only big event going on this weekend. From Oct. 10-13, Santa Fe will play host to the Native Americas International Film Exposition. The Film Expo is a four-day festival of competitive screenings, curated films and workshops whose primary goal is to advance the making of film, video and new media by, about and with indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. The festival will be a platform for native filmmakers and others from North, Central and South America to showcase their work and develop their skills. For more information about the NAIFE, call (505) 983-5220. ... If you're a fan of the syndicated TV series "Highlander," you're in luck. Production is about to begin on a fourth Highlander film courtesy of Dimension Films. Series star Adrian Paul will be paid $1 million to take over for Christopher Lambert, who originated the role of immortal warrior Connor McCloud in the 1986 Highlander film. For six seasons, Paul has starred as relative (and fellow immortal) Duncan McCloud. The show, which concentrates more on romance and history than the movies, is a huge hit in Europe. Producers are hoping that bringing Paul into the movies will give them the same boost that bringing in the Next Generation cast did for the Star Trek movies.

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