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Pop-Up's Not Just Pop Art

By James DiGiovanna

OCTOBER 6, 1997:  PROVING THAT POP-UP is not relegated to pop-art, Pienkowski puts together 56 masterpieces of Western painting and sculpture in a fairy-tale cottage that folds flat. When expanded, one finds Whistler's Mother sitting by the fireplace, Vermeer's painter from his "Allegory of Painting" working in his attic studio, some Van Eyck people sitting down for breakfast, and Michaelangelo's David trying on a new bathing suit. Much fun can be had trying to find and name all the pieces of masterpieces presented here, and a solution key is given for spoilsports. Still, I wonder what's to become of this book after it's initial artistry and craft are enjoyed: It takes up a lot of space when popped-up, and there's probably a limit on how long it will delight while sitting on a spare display table that could be put to use holding that pile of unpaid bills. Still, it could be one of those delightfully useless gifts which are so much fun to unwrap, and which we'd never buy for ourselves.

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