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Volume III, Issue 14
September 27 - October 4, 1999  

A mid the pornography, bomb-making instructions, and money scams that reside on the Internet, there is now the First Church of Cyberspace, where congregants are just a mouse-click away from a religious experience.

Of course there are dangerous witches in New Mexico, but that shouldn't stop you from camping out in the Land of Enchantment. Just be careful what you touch!

Only two places in baseball could fairly be described as sacred ground, and Boston's Fenway Park is one. To visit Fenway for the first time is to fall in love with the place's charms. Will they really tear it down?

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The First Church of Cyberspace [2]
The virtual church has interesting elements but lacks the human touch.
— Mary Allison Cates, MEMPHIS FLYER
Camping With Witches [3]
Lessons From "The Blair Witch Project."
Sacred Ground [4]
Fenway Park is sacred baseball ground. So how come the people of Boston don't care if they tear it down?
Now What? [5]
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