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Weekly Alibi 'Run Catch Kiss'

By Abigail Fisher

SEPTEMBER 27, 1999: 

Run Catch Kiss by Amy Sohn (Simon & Schuster), hardcover, $23

As I picked up Amy Sohn's Run Catch Kiss, the adage "Don't judge a book by its cover" ran through my mind. With a shockingly bright yellow background and the title held between a pair of vampish, glossy red lips, maybe that's all the better. Thankfully, I would like to inform all the cover-judgers out there that this book lives up to expectation; it's ugly on the inside as well.

Run Catch Kiss reads like an autobiographical journal of sex columnist Ariel Steiner's sexscapades, her flop of an acting career and her own personal, twisted and basically sad views on relationships.

(Before I go on any further, I would like to confess that my own personal view on relationships remains to this day quite idealistic, but, sure, if you believe that the only way to make a man love you is to lie about having an illicit affair, go ahead; I'm not going to try and stop you.)

In actuality, I think that it's quite a shame that novelists these days can't seem to create interesting, likable heroines we can identify with. Ariel Steiner is a hopeless romantic stuck inside a life that takes her to the seediest places in New York with the sleaziest men nature has to offer. Don't think I'm exaggerating -- some of the descriptions had me feeling nauseated.

To her credit, though, Sohn's vivid descriptions and detailed accounts of her rendezvous give the reader a chance to sit back, relax, and gladly smile at the fact that they're not as messed up as this chick. Her blunt, to-the-point writing style drives the plot along in an "I hate it, yet I'm uncontrollably drawn to it" type of way. What can I say? Sohn knows how to shock. A lot.

Personally, Run Catch Kiss left me with an awful taste in my mouth, but now's about the point when I have to stand back and say, "Whatever floats your boat." If raw, gritty, thoroughly unappetizing sexual perversity is your bag, baby, here's the book for you. Enjoy.

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