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Volume I, Issue 16
September 22 - September 29, 1997

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Beyond the Multiverse
A conversation with science fiction author Michael Moorcock. [2]
Adrienne Martini

Sidebar: Hugo Award Winners 1997
Sidebar: Hugo Award Winners 1997. [3]

From Scully to Spock
Floating around the 55th World Science Fiction Convention in San Antonio. [4]
Robert Faires

Sidebar: Quotes From LoneStarCon2
Sidebar: Quotes From LoneStarCon2. [5]

Not Just for Geeks
Gamers have found a place under the science fiction umbrella. [6]
Allen Varney

SF Book Reviews
Reviews of new works by John Seabrook, Joe Lansdale, Michael Moorcock, and more. [7]
John Lebkowsky, Adrienne Martini, and Mike Shea

Goosebumps Rising
Quintessential books of the science fiction universe. [8]
Marc Savlov

Rising Star
William Faulkner, born 100 years ago this month, came to New Orleans as an aspiring poet and left as a brilliant young novelist. [9]
W. Kenneth Holditch

Word Wrangler
William Pitt Root, Tucson's first poet laureate, provides a bridge between the worlds of literature and blue-collar toil. [10]
Margaret Regan

Devil in the Details
The Indian architect produces her first text. [11]
Patrick Sullivan

Strange Worlds
Harlan Ellison explores the nature of reality, while a new biography explores the nature of Fredrick Exley. [12]
Debbie Gilbert and Leonard Gill

Speed Reader
Sex & Sunsets by Tim Sandlin; Suffragettes to She-Devils by Liz McQuiston; Living on the Spine by Christina Nealson; The Far Euphrates by Aryeh Stollman. [13]
Blake de pastino, Jessica English, Tracey L. Cooley and Julie Birnbaum

Howling Swonk
The latest cartoon tribute to Marvel Comics from Greg Petix and Chris Cilla. [14]
James DiGiovanna

Media Mix
Pornography the way it was meant to be enjoyed...in a sordid little comic book known as a Tijuana bible. [15]

Now What?
Love to read? Need some clever ideas? Our library of resources and staff picks are guaranteed to turn on plenty of mental light bulbs via your electrified eye sockets. [16]

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Talk Back
Our online BBS is just like the Algonquin Round Table, only electronic, sober, and without all the famous people.


hew, I've read so much about nerds in this Books section, now I feel like a nerd. If you want to feel like a nerd, the articles here grant you your greatest chance ever to NERD OUT.

I'm talking, of course, about the 55th World Science Fiction Convention, covered from every imaginable dimension by the nerdy folks over at the Austin Chronicle. These goobers, I mean guys, know their stuff when it comes to sci-fi, and can mix references to Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Jules Verne into the same sentence with aplomb. Whatever aplomb is. So look out. Among their coverage are the following stories:

Had enough nerding around? Need something more down-to-earth than science fiction? How about something more literary? You can have both when you read this interview with William Pitt Root, Tucson, Arizona's new poet laureate. Describing his love of poetry as a bridge between worlds of academia and the working class, a passion inspired by "suicide or love," Root's story shouldn't be missed.

Going back in time, and up a few notches on the fame scale, this piece about William Faulkner offers plenty of insight into the classic novelist's work, especially as it pertains to New Orleans.

Elsewhere there's plenty more to keep you off the nerd path. Reviews include:

Okay, so maybe those choices have a few nerdy spots: comic books, Harlan Ellison, Tijuana Bibles... Hey, in the future, we will all be nerds. But that's not science fiction, it's science fact. Might as well give in to the inevitable.

From The Vaults

Letter From the Edge
Hunter S. Thompson's new book gets the once-over. [08-11-97]
Blake de Pastino

On The Fence
A review of William Langewiesche's book about his border journey. [07-14-97]
Gregory McNamee

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