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Volume I, Issue 16
September 22 - September 29, 1997

Once again, the Arts & Leisure world extends beyond the borders of the gallery. Yes, we've got the usual stories about the visual arts: women painters, youthful sculptors, even interactive shows based on patterns and process. But sometimes you gotta switch gears.

That's why this section's lead story is about the art of Harley Davidson motorcycles. Or should I say, hogs? Choppers, perhaps? Whatever they're called, these big bikes have become increasingly popular with the yuppie set, who need to feel wild-n-wooley every now and then after a long day at the office. As they raise the demand, the motorcycles become more expensive, making them inaccessible to the very blue-collar folk who helped establish the company in the first place. Read this story for the low-down.

Oh, and speaking of wild-n-wooley, try this on for size: This author wrote a whole column about his socks. What's strange about the article is that, coincidence coincidence, I once wrote an essay about my socks -- how they always seem to disappear in the dryer, how sometimes it's hard to find a match, and how sad it is to have to throw one away while the other's still good. And here I thought I was being original.

One author who's definitely got his socks on is Jeff Smith, writing his weekly editorial from Montana. Though Jeff Smith's stuff usually goes in the News & Opinion section, I couldn't help but suspect that Jeff is really on vacation, and writing columns carping about hunting laws and Californicators is just his way of relaxing.

That said, I'm going to kick back and leave the rest of this Arts & Leisure section for you to figure out. My socks are off and I'm goin' for a hog ride.

News In The Art World
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Hog Wild
From biker bars to motorcycle clubs, there's more denim, leather, and chrome on the streets these days than ever. But with yuppies buying Harley-Davidsons, has the outlaw culture lost its edge? [2]
Mike Gibson

John Bridges socks it to...socks. [3]
John Bridges

Montana Madness
Montana Madness...what they've done to this once-proud state is enough to make real Montanans weep, if real Montanans actually did something that sissy-poo. [4]
Jeff Smith

Brisk Lamentation
Patsy Cline gets her musical due, if not a probing exploration of her psyche, in the latest Invisible Theatre production. [5]
Margaret Regan

Green Mermaids and Feminine Products
Coverage of New Orleans' local art scene. [6]
D. Eric Bookhardt

New and Improved
The "Young Memphis" biennial could teach a few old dogs a thing or two about new tricks of the trade. [7]
Cory Dugan

Watching Art Grow
Sydney Yeager's AMOA exhibit allows viewers to see her works as they progress. [8]
Rebecca S. Cohen

Now What?
A gallery of captivating links to keep your imagination churning while the paint dries. [9]

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Talk Back
Tell us your favorite medium, and we don't mean that in the Shirley MacLaine sense of the word.

From The Vaults

Ripping the Shrew
Austin's Rude Mechanicals troupe delves into the issue of sexism in Shakespeare. [08-18-97]
Adrienne Martini

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