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By Devin D. O'Leary

SEPTEMBER 21, 1998: 

Dateline: Thailand--Thailand's supreme military command announced last Friday that they have dismissed an army officer who is currently awaiting trial on murder charges. Unfortunately, this marks the third time that the officer has been relieved of duty. Police in Bangkok say that the captain has already been sacked twice. In 1991, the unnamed officer was kicked out of the army for discipline problems. In 1993, he was kicked out again for heroin possession. In both cases, the man re-enlisted under a different name. Military officials promise to review the case.

Dateline: India--The Indian government has asked MTV to remove the tri-color Indian flag from its onscreen logo because of certain "derogatory" connotations. The familiar MTV logo has been cloaked in the orange, white and green colors of the Indian flag since Aug. 15, India's independence day. Junior Information and Broadcasting Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said at a news conference last week that the music channel is using the flag to give acceptability to "obscene programs." Naqvi also accused foreign TV stations of "spreading cultural pollution."

Dateline: Virginia--The Animal Assistance League of Chesapeake, Va., is suing Michelle Colonna for failing to spay her dog Boo. Unfortunately, Boo died a week after Colonna adopted him from the local animal shelter. The adoption agreement called for Colonna to have Boo spayed. A contract is a contract, say League officials who have fined Colonna and her husband $150 for failing to have Boo fixed. The Colonnas insist that it isn't possible to perform the operation on their deceased animal. If the Collonas can prove that their dog is dead, the Animal Assistance League is willing to drop the $150 fine but is still seeking to recoup $130 in legal fees.

Dateline: California--Kris Teixeira, 37, an evangelical Christian mother who taught Bible classes, was arrested last week and is scheduled for mental evaluations after trying to starve her two daughters to death. According to Teixeira, the "Holy Spirit" gave her "directions" to do so in the form of a ringing telephone. Teixeira's daughters, seven and nine, were locked in a bedroom for three weeks without food. The girls, who lost 20 percent of their normal weight, have been hospitalized and are recovering.

Dateline: Florida--Police in Tampa, Fla., have uncovered three tons of medical waste in the home of a medical waste hauler. The material--including bloody bandages, used hypodermic needles, teeth and other biohazards--was found in the home of Gary Barlow, a hauler for Suncoast Bio-Services. Police, acting on a tip from one of Barlow's competitors, located 6,447 pounds of hazardous waste stashed in boxes and in red disposal bags strewn throughout the Barlow home. Five truckloads were required to haul it all away. Officials say Barlow was licensed to haul waste from Tampa area hospitals but acknowledge that his home is not a licensed biohazard storage site.

Dateline: Kentucky--The township of Newport, Ky., has admitted that their "Millennium Monument, " which will take the form of the world's largest carillon bell (a stationary set of chromatically tuned bells in a tower, usually played with a keyboard), won't be completed until six months after the big New Year's Eve bash. Must have something to do with that "Y2K" problem.

--compiled by Devin D. O'Leary

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