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Volume III, Issue 12
September 13 - September 20, 1999  

Artist Profiles
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Slipping in the Dark [2]
Can rock stars really get away with being funny? They Might Be Giants think so.
— John Sewell, METRO PULSE
Son of Cuba [3]
Cuban music has been the hottest subgenre of the world-music market in recent years, and 54-year-old Eliades Ochoa contributes substantially to the magic.
Old Friends [4]
Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel are together again -- well, kind of.
— Mark Jordan, MEMPHIS FLYER
Last Time Out? [5]
Linda Ronstadt is ready to retire, but a new album means the road beckons once more.
Super Suckers [6]
It took more than a decade, but Royal Trux finally got around to writing a couple of songs. A small feat, perhaps, but there's been no reason to believe they'd ever bother.
Curious Cat [7]
Octegenarian guitar legend Dickie Thompson flies in the face of "retirement.
— Ed Friedland, TUCSON WEEKLY
Gypsy Feat [8]
Ökrös Ensemble has traveled all the way from Budapest to bring Hungarian and Transylvanian gypsy music to the Tucson masses.
— Mari Wadsworth, TUCSON WEEKLY

Album Reviews
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Past Perfect [9]
It takes just one listen to Johnny Cash singing "Sunday Morning Coming Down" to curse the fact that Kris Kristofferson has made more movies than music.
Piano Man [10]
When Horace Silver arrived in the early '50s, he was an innovative reactionary, one of those hard-bop musicians who were redirecting jazz away from the limpid nuances of cerebral cool.
— Richard C. Walls, THE BOSTON PHOENIX
Direct Contact [11]
Julie Miller and Sarah Dougher prove that singer-songwriters still have something to say, lyrically and musically.
— Bill Friskics-Warren, NASHVILLE SCENE
Turn Up That Noise! [12]
Reviews of the latest from Those Darn Accordions! and Grady Champion.


N earing the end of their second decade as purveyors of musical Vonnegutism, They Might Be Giants are key players in a tradition of enigmatic, humorous pop that has all but disappeared from the arena of rock music.

Eliades Ochoa, who contributes substantially to the magic of the hit world music album "The Buena Vista Vista Social Club," has performed steadily and successfully since age 11, always with the goal of rejuvenating Cuba's folkloric music.

Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel will forever be inextricably linked, even if they never appear together again on the same stage.

Plus, Linda Ronstadt thinks about "retiring," Royal Trux have written a couple of songs, jazz legend Dickie Thompson, and more.

Mini Reviews
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Boston Phoenix CD Reviews [13]

  • Richard Thompson
  • Me'Shell Ndegeocello
  • Super Furry Animals
  • Rachel's
  • Arsonists
  • Josh Wink
  • Squarepusher
  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk

Tiny Tunes [14]
  • The Flaming Lips
  • Geri Halliwell
  • 800 Cherries

Now What? [15]
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