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SEPTEMBER 13, 1999: 

French Stewart (Third Rock From the Sun), Bill Belamy (ex-MTV VJ), and Tyra Banks (supermodel) romp in and out of each other's beds in order to discover the distinction between love and hell. Dante this ain't.
Prediction: Let me put it this way: Director/screenwriter Jeff Franklin lists several episodes of Full House on his none-too-impressive resume. Hey, maybe the Olsen twins will make a cameo!
Probable Entertainment Value: D

Frankie (Patricia Arquette) is the average twentysomething hairdresser who just happens to spontaneously bleed from her hands and feet. Father Kiernan (Gabriel Byrne) is sent from the Vatican to investigate. And every Catholic kid knows just how thorough the Vatican can be.
Prediction: It's that time again, when the studios trot out their thought-provoking flicks in time for Oscar contention. Oh, yeah, and this year, they're also trotting out flicks that should scare the pants off of you. Stigmata could be both.
Probable Entertainment Value: B

Kevin Bacon lets himself be hypnotized at a neighbor's kegger one night, then starts having visions the next morning. But his aren't like the Guru's and contain scarier stuff than pink elephants and gherkins—Bacon has tapped into some secret, super-scary other realm.
Prediction: See the prediction for Stigmata but ignore all of the thought-provoking stuff.
Probable Entertainment Value: C

A gay romantic comedy in which two men (Christian Campbell and John Paul Pitoc) meet and then try to find a place to spend some time together—only fate intervenes at every turn. With Tori Spelling!
Prediction: Can society bear a movie about gay romance that doesn't mention AIDS? Yes—and Trick may be whimsical and sensitive enough to pull it off.
Probable Entertainment Value: A

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